Timed BF3 and Skyrim DLC arrangements

We now know when Skyrim DLC is coming and while a rough month gives some satisfaction to gamers it also raises many more questions, which includes those that touch on the issue of timed exclusive content for not only Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim but also other games like Battlefield 3. What does Sony or Microsoft gain from getting DLC a little sooner?

Plenty of Dawnguard opinion has already been given – around this time last week we looked at the gamers attitude to Skyrim downloadable content on the PS3, and also the possibilities of Vampires, which showed opinions from both Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers. It seems that plenty of Skyrim users are not bothered with timed exclusive content, and some of those that are cannot understand why it benefits consoles?

One article seen here takes a look at this very idea in detail and considers the gains for platforms, developers, and also wonders how timed exclusive content can benefit the player. It seems the author of this article considers most of the risks being taken are on the developer/publisher side, and we certainly agree that most Skyrim users are not concerned with waiting a month longer for DLC. Having invested over 400 hours in Skyrim ourselves and waited many months for Skyrim’s first DLC, we’d also like to point out that another month is no big deal in our opinion.

Feedback we’ve had from our readers clearly show a lack of understanding about timed exclusive deals for both Skyrim and BF3, and some gamers have stated they “can’t think of any logical reasons” for this kind of exclusivity. Others rightly point out that people don’t base the version of the game they get on timed exclusive content, which again doesn’t benefit Microsoft or Sony.

So if timed Skyrim DLC is ridiculous and useless, then why is it happening? We’d say in a nutshell it is about throwing money around, although we wonder if brands (Microsoft especially) will ever grow tired of spending money on timed exclusive content?

  • Guest

    Shoot, I haven’t even played Skyrim yet because I’m waiting for the Game of the Year edition (and for the price to go down).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandon-Robbins/100000475795276 Brandon Robbins

    Hey if Microsoft wants to waste money let them. Im not gonna switch to x-box just because they get DLC 30 days before PS3. 30 days is nothing i would rather wait then spend $200 on a new system.

  • Lednay

    Microsofts spends money on the xbox live people because they take care of the gamers not like ps3 that dont give a sh*#*$* and besides i dont even know  who even plays ps3 anymore.

    • Andrew Ziegler

      the way I see it, if you’re paying for internet on a system with inferior graphics, you’re a fool.  X-box is for people who play video games too much and who love to spend more money than they have to.  Playstation is for people who like to be entertained.  Enjoy your early content releases, I will just watch blu-rays for the month and gladly wait. The difference between 50 dollars a year and 0 dollars a year is the difference between a 10 second waiting time and 15 second waiting time. You are victim to the greatest scam in the industry.

      • Calebweir

        hey they ps3 is for people who cant afford a decent console xbox rules bitches

        p.s. you wonder how u got hacked

        and notch loves us more

        • Lobitito2

          Have you been alive very long? The ps3 was way more expensive that the 360 and I think it still is. So you’re first “point” makes no sense.
          Decent? Built in blu-ray and built in wifj is inferior to average graphics and having to buy more hardware just to get wifi on the flagship model of the 360? Granted the newer ones came out with it but still the ps3 was a more “decent” console to start with.
          Getting hacked was an issue yes but have people failed to notice how the 360 is essentially hacked everyday by mods and outside OS? I have never experienced a modder while playing on the ps3 where as my friends on the 360 throw tantrums when a modder screws up the game for them.
          Go back to your idiot cave and hump a doorknob

          • Ashley

            It all sucks compared to pc. Try one.

          • Lloyd the Adult

            Thats a pretty dumb comment considering PCs that can run the game cost over 1000 bucks… they better fuckin run the game better for that price.

          • Jeff Scissom

            Actually, your over-estimating the cost of a decent gaming pc. Try getting your facts straight next time.

          • Jallday05

            no computer worth having is less than 500 tho. still double what i’d pay for a system so oliver still has a point

          • Rxzero

            Lol, I’d rather play against a modded then have all my secure information hacked into. Kudos to you buddy.

        • Lloyd the Adult

          PS3 is the same price last time I checked. Should probably research that before you make a retarded comment.

          PS: The only red ring ive seen is your mothers ass hole after a night a the bus stop.

          could say she got notched

        • Bilbobagginsisboss

          ps3 got hacked last year you are slow on the news 

          minecrafts gay

          p.s. if you care that much then you dont have a life

      • Rxzero

        I think everyone that cries about exclusivity obviously only have a pc or ps3. I have all 3 and still prefer 360 over the ps3. Tell me why Almost every game looks better on 360 and they don’t even use blu-ray. Skyrim looks better on 360, and you can ask 10 people who’ve played on both systems and they would say so also. Why are all the ps3 games in native 720p? I only play ps3 for the exclusives. Microsoft just knows how to market better than ps3. Sony sure dropped the ball last year with the whole hack also. I’d rather pay 60 a year for 360, then pay for ps3 plus, that’s a rip in my opinion and much more costly than 60 a year. Go ahead Sony fans hate one!

        • Anonymous

          Almost all games that are available for both consoles look a little better on the 360 because those games are made for the 360 and ported to the PS3.

          Developers would rather port a game because it is difficult to work around the PS3 and start from scratch.

          Back in 2006, 2K Sports actually had two separate development projects for NBA 2K7. The one for PS3 released months after the 360 version, but it looked better, ran smoother, and had MANY MORE features. They don’t do this, anymore, because of the cost and time.

          As for PlayStation Plus, it’s $50/year, and I’ve gotten well worth over $120 in free content (not including discounts and exclusive sales) only within the first 4 months of using it.

      • Knowblesavage

        Sounds like jealousy to me. I rather enjoy being able to speak with my friends even when we are not playing the same games. For fifty bucks a year I feel it’s well worth the superior service that PS3 DOES NOT HAVE!!

    • Andrew Ziegler

       oh, and you’ve got to see how skyrim looks on a blu-ray disc…… it’s magnificent

      • hello its me

        yea when it works

    • Burnaby Zoe

      I remember when I paid to play online and then I got my ball sack back.

  • Johnobc

    I play ps3. And lednay bare in mind there are 90 million psn accounts, psn is in full servers online especially at night people playing call of duty, bf3, and uncharted:) furthermore I think this article is wrong ea did say that the bf3 dlc will come on the ps3 first;) so get facts right;)

    • http://twitter.com/Braddock512 Braddock512

      Actually, there are not 90 million ACTIVE PSN accounts (those figures were from March 7th). I personally have 4, 3 of which I’ll never touch again. (I have so many because Sony refuses to allow you to change your PSN – get with the program Sony, even EA changed their policy on that (FOR FREE) and Xbox has always allowed you to change your Gamertag (for a small fee). Xbox 360/Microsoft have the greatest online gaming strategy and have succeed where Sony, sadly, has failed. Then there’s PC. Ultimate Platform. I play all three. Due to promotional snafu’s regarding the inclusion of Battlefield 1943 as a downloadable bonus for Battlefield 3 players on PS3, yes, PS3 users get ALL DLC for Battlefield 3 a week early.

  • Dan_The_Barbarian

    The only good thing about ps3,is that it is slowly breaking Sony.The only way sony can stop themselves going bust,is to start charging for online.
    With regards to delaying release of DLC for different platforms,it means the games developers get a steady stream of money coming in.Makes them look good all year round,instead of just for the 2nd quarter.

  • guest

    ok, im going to go get high, i mean REAL high

  • Dudedue03

    i won a 360 so i dont have a problem with the exclusive stuff haha. its microsofts moeny, if they want to toss it around all the power to them. they wouldnt be doing it for nothing, theres a reason why they keep doing it for major tittles. untill other platforms jump on that wagon, its going to continue to happen. its life

  • James

    erm doesnt sony have the early access rights to Battlefield 3? pretty sure the maps came out a week earlier for PS3 with karkand

  • ????

    Whatever If Microsoft wants to throw their money away let them, I ( and all pc gamers out there have mods to keep me busy. It is a little unfair to PS3 users, though that shouldn’t matter as when the 30 day period is up, PS3 users should be able to enjoy some nice, new, bug free content :) .

    • hello its me

      u think ps3 users will b able 2 play it bug free?

      • It aint easy bein cheesy

        no he probally said it for his health…

    • Jack Shobe

      Dude, here’s proper grammar: I (and all pc gamers out there)  have mods to keep us busy.

      • Knowblesavage

        Hey Jack don’t be a wordsmith. If you wanna correct grammar, then go be an English teacher. No One likes a Know-it-all!

  • PS3

    What companies like this dont realise is that many of the gamers have moved on to new games, I mean its been 6 months and loads of new games have come out. I think I will just wait till GOTY edition as you get all DLC bug free in one go and save money

  • Luke

    I wish people would get over this timed exclusive DLC, PC gamers have an ever-growing stock of mods at their disposal, why can’t xbox players have something that PC gamers don’t? Even though its only for a month…….

  • Zb096911

    If this dlc is taking this long it B ETTER FUKING  be worth it like a whole new place to explore with new quests and everything. Its been alomost 8 dam months it’s starting to get on my nerves. its taking way tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long so it better be good!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oliver Ekman-Larsson

    Timed Exclusive Content is just to flaunt the companies power and a waiste of money because it doesnt make people switch consoles. Business is business and money and profit is the #1 goal.

    • Jack Shobe

      You mixed the word waist and waste. 

  • Kim Jolicoeur

    Simple. Look at how much talk this has generated. How much has been said about Microsoft, Bethesda, Skyrim, etc.over this exclusivity clause.

    There is no good or bad publicity. There is just publicity.

    I bet the money MS paid is out of their marketing budget.

  • Funkystrat90

    If you’ve invested 400 hours playing  a game you need to get a job or a chick

    • Blind

      Wouldn’t necessarily say that? I have an amazingly wonderful girl, do Track&Field, and a job :)? And I’ve put more than 400 hours :)

    • justadude

      you probally dont have either

  • guest101

    How did you spend 400 hours playing the game? I’ve spend around 170-180 and have done absolutely everything. There’s now nothing to do but repetitive missions for the same people. I need DLC now, the game has gone stale.

  • Frankfjm1988

    I’m at 200 hours & haven’t done half the game yet. It’s about doing all the quests you can. Sometimes I’ll put in 3-4 hours just exploring and getting nothing done. Oh and Funky I have a full time job and live-in girlfriend!

    • Frankfjm1988

      LOL disregard that, I suck cocks.

  • Bugel2000

    Videogame ADD man, its the case of getting distra… ooh that looks interesting.

  • shamalamadingdong

    ive put roughly 500 hours into skyrim and just started a new character yesterday this is simply the best game ive ever played and to the funky one dude i work 64 hours a week have a five year old son and a girlfriend

  • AWildPidgey

    Its because xbox users pay for their live time. Sony cant get everything free while xbox users are the only ones spending any money.

    • A88smith

      Ever heard of Playstation Plus? That’s not the reason at all. Bethesda has nothing to do with Microsoft’s choice to have a yearly fee for Xbox Live.