FIFA 13 for Wii U considered

With the Wii U expected to be released November time there are a few football/soccer fans hoping that FIFA 13 will be considered, as we already know that the game has entered production. We could hear news of this during E3 next month but there’s a possibility that it will not be the latest version of FIFA.

FIFA 12 was considered the best of the franchise yet, but there were still functionality issues, which they hope to rectify in FIFA 13. It would certainly be nice to see this game on the Wii U and how they would implement their new tablet controller into the game, but for now it’s just wishful thinking.

There’s an interesting comment on the EA Forum that has been looking into this a little, and one idea is that all the information that gets in the way on the screen could be transferred onto the screen of the controller instead. We’re also told that whatever version of FIFA comes to the Wii U will not have silly gimmicky features and will be a serious game, something that cannot be said for some of the titles on the current Wii console.

This is a good sign that Nintendo are taking their upcoming console seriously because some gamers have accused them in the past of losing their way and not being a major player in the industry, which most of us know is not true because the Wii innovated the gaming market and forced their rivals to try and come up with add-ons for their consoles to try and play catch-up.

If Nintendo do things right and explore the full capabilities of FIFA 13 on the Wii U then there’s no reason why the game would not be a success. We know for certain that FIFA is coming to the upcoming console; we just are uncertain what version.

Speaking of FIFA 13 we recently asked our readers for their wishlist and the response was pretty interesting. Moving back to the Wii U version what is the likelihood of FIFA 13 coming to this console and how do you think Nintendo will be able to utilize the features?