The world of Skyrim vs. Dragon’s Dogma

There’s been a debate ongoing for a few months now and that is if Dragon’s Dogma will end up being a bigger game than the world of Skyrim, as it’s been suggested that Capcom’s latest title coming this month could have a much larger world to travel around. To help you come to your own decision there’s a video below that looks at the map for Dragon’s Dogma, and it’s clear to see that it’s on the large side.

In the video you will see a fraction of the map uncovered and that’s with 50 hours of gameplay, and you can get a sense of how much else is left to be discovered. While it’s hard to gauge an idea of its size in comparison to Skyrim we’d have to say that Dragon’s Dogma could give it a run for its money.

It’s been suggested that Skyrim is not as big as you would think not once you have taken the mountains out of the equation, as you need to navigate round them. There were a few concerns that the world of Dragon’s Dogma was not fully explorable, but we can tell you now that the game is open world just like its rival.

While the debate over the size of each game will go on until Dragon’s Dogma is finally released later this month there is one argument that Capcom feel they can win hands down, and that is in the action. The combat is said to be so much more fun when compared to Skyrim, but then that’s just their view but what do you think?

However, some gamers have suggested that when you get down to it the quests in Skyrim are very similar and can become tedious at times, that and the fact that DD looks to have more enemies and skills. It’s easy to see that The Elder Scrolls V has a new kid in town ready to take it on, but then again there is that DLC looming, which could bring with it a host of new features and places to explore.


  • Bjones3315

    first to comment woot!
    I am really exited about dragons dogma and i think it will be better than skyrim even if the map is smaller.Thank you for making this it helped me build more exitment!

    • T2k123

       It wont be bigger than Skyrim lol this is Capcom for godsake when have they ever made anything GOTY material lolz

      • guest

        monster hunter dumbase

        • Kim Jolicoeur

          You mean “dumbass” don’t you?

          • Anonymous

            it is likely, but it does not make him any less right. XD

      • Zac Brazendale

        Resident Evil 4

  • Kim Jolicoeur

    They are two different games. One’s more exploration-driven, the other is combat/action-driven.
    The visuals are different, the skills, the customization are different.
    Skyrim has its player base, DD will build its own and that’s fine.

    Why does one game need to hold all the shares of the market?

    Does DD offer over 500 hours of gameplay for 60$?

  • Anonymous

    Thong FTW!  

  • FFStudios

    Why do we always need to start comparing different RPG’s to Skyrim regardless of aims? If Dragon’s Dogma is better then that’s fine, Oblivion might not any longer be my favourite game but that doesn’t mean I dislike it.

  • Anonymous

    the fighting is hands down more fun. i personally think that i will like it better, since i was not one of the people fortunate enough to enjoy skyrim enough to play it for eleventy billion hours and i prefer the workings of japanese devs to american one. i guess they just know me better.

  • agamer

    Japanese love to make their game in fast pace. DD makes everything fast. Arrow shot unusually fast, weapons swung unusually fast. It is like arcade game. Full of action, but get on the top of big monsters to fight them? Why don’t the monsters just grab the player and eat him? Action is good, but a bit over the top. It is Japanese style. They love to make it sensational. 

    Based on the demo gameplay, you don’t get to enjoy nighttime. The only safe place in DD world seem only in some castles/cities. Travelling need 3 “pawns”, or you don’t survive. They make the world “too dangerous” to travel. I wonder how civilians travel from city to city. Perhaps they have to live their life forever in one city. Full of fantasy, but unrealistic. All big fights seem to be with big monsters, at open space. Japanese style.

    Skyrim’s combat mode is boring no doubt. Perhaps Bethesda would add “a bit” variation to it one day, or perhaps next game, or perhaps no more next game (as single player game may demise for ES online). But they made it in slower pace. You get to enjoy everything. You don’t force to fight all the time. You can get away from the fight, pretend to be coward. More realistic. More movie-like. Less over the top. Have some funny quotes. You can have a lot of funny moments with this game. That makes it good. DD is full of action, but hardly see any funny moments. Perhaps speak too soon.

    Well, everyone has their favourite games. Just enjoy the games.

    • Doodlecrazy

      it is a game about a guy/girl fighting dragons, griffins and god knows what else with magic and MASSIVE swords and your complianing about realism. I just want to make sure I understood your point

    • Jonny

       Every monster i faught does have an attack to grab and eat you…

  • Defender

    What you should really be asking is if it’s as non-linear as Skyrim.It doesn’t matter how big the world is if you have to go through some stupid main quest just to unlock most of the areas.And according to the reviews already out, the main quest isn’t all that great.Sure, neither is Skyrim’s, but you’re not forced to do it to start or finish any of the sidequests.You can explore the entire world without having to do the main quest, that’s what makes Skyrim a true open-world.It isn’t confirmed as to whether or not Dragon’s Dogma is really a true open-world RPG or if it’s just a linear RPG that happens to have a large world.And you don’t HAVE to go through the mountains of Skyrim either, you can go over them, or through them, a lot of them have tunnels and caves and ruins which take you through the other side.And what the hell are you talking about saying the quests in Skyrim are all similar?Did you even bother to do any of the factions quests in Skyrim?They’re all different from each other, and all the non-radiant sidequests in the game have branching paths in them.According to the reviews already out, DD’s sidequests are just endlessly repeatable sidequests with minor variations in them.There’s one quest in Skyrim which has you trying to convince a demon lord to take his talking dog back under his wing.There’s another has you helping a Hagraven(Witch-bird-woman) taking back her fortress from another Hagraven.There’s another in which you help a priest who used to practice dark magic save a town from endless nightmares.And there’s another in which you help a community of orcs earning back the favor of their god after giants ransacked the altar of said god.I could do this all day if I wanted to, there’s a lot of quests in Skyrim which are vastly different from each other, so don’t go making up crap like “Skyrim’s quests are all similar and tedious” because they’re not.I hate it when journalists lie about a game’s features or exaggerate to make the game they’re trying to promote seem better.And they do it all the time.

  • The Ultimate Reviewer

    Here let me tell you one FATAL difference between Skyrim and Dragons Dogma
    Skyrim has been released for almost a year now!
    Dragons Dogma has not even been released yet!
    Plus one cannot be better than the other! It depends on opinion!
    True Dragons Dogma has an EPIC variety of animation and moves!
    Which is one thing Skyrim lacks badly! Take weapon usage for an example.
    In Dragons Dogma there are skills and different animations which make it more exciting!
    In Skyrim with a sword it is all the same, you attack and it either goes up, down or sideways!
    With Dragons Dogma you have a varity of 6 at the same time and many more to change to later on!
    Also with magic. I absolutely love magic for one! But I was really dissapointed with Skyrims magic! All the destructions are the same! Either frost, lightning or fire! Conjurations are the only things with variety!
    With Dragons Dogma there are so many more magical capabilities that I won’t even try naming them all! However…
    It looks like I am siding with Dragons Dogma!
    But that was only fighting systems!
    I can’t talk about size and I think at this point in time nobody has had a chance!
    However I will talk about Storyline and quests!
    The storyline in Skyrim has far more opportunitities than Dragons Dogma! It is a game where you take your destiny into your own hands and your own hands and YOU become the DragonBorn! In Dragons Dogma it is not original. It is just “Oh lets call u Arisen and u can be the dude that kills one big dragon! LALALALAALLA WE R BLOODY SAVED!” Completely different from Skyrim!
    And To finish off…


    ONLINE PAWN SYSTEM IS FRIGGIN EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!