Diablo 3 server status upsets fans

The current Diablo 3 server status is not going down well because not being able to play a game that has been years in the making has not surprisingly upset fans. We are not that shocked that Blizzards servers crippled under the pressure, because demand would have been immense, something that we know only too well with some of the Call of Duty titles when they first launch.

Players hoping to take their copy of Diablo 3 home and then start playing (after downloading and installing patch 1.0.1) would have received a “error37” message, which as we know means that the connection has failed. Looking at the Diablo III server status it’s clear to see that there are still a few issues, not with the game servers themselves but the Auction House for each region.

It’s no surprise that #error37 was a trending topic on Twitter and as such brought with it a multitude of negative comments regarding Blizzard; this makes us wonder what Blizzard would do if they released Diablo III on consoles like they are rumored too, as demand would be much higher than it currently is on the PC?

You would have thought that Blizzard would have had their house in order, because the game has been over a decade in the making and they knew that demand would be huge. If memory serves us well during April beta tests servers were also causing error37 for many of those who took part.

While it may not come as any comfort Blizzard has apologized and said that the issue should fade over the next 48 hours, as demand will not be as high like it is now on launch day.

  • Taybo

    Jesus – bad reporting is bad. The only thing your picture serves to show is that the real money auction house isn’t working, as blizzard have stated.

    • Steve

      I started playing aboout 11 am UK time this morning.  Come 5 pm I get error 37 constantly.  Maybe you shouldn’t flame the flamers so quickly.

      • Ejal de Klerk

        That is true, but has nothing to do with the auction house servers which the article clearly states.

  • Ben

    Get your facts right at least before you flame Blizzard. They have already stated that the Auction House servers won’t be up until, most likely, next week. The servers had an initial problem at 11 CEST last night but the majority of problems were resolved in half an hour to an hour. So no, they did not underestimate the user load. In regards to the Asia servers, that was not down to the servers themselves necessarily. The crash was most likely caused my bad distribution and programming.

    Just putting it out there, Diablo 3 is awesome :)

    • ximus

       So mr i love blizzard, can you explain how the they didnt underestimate the demand work for europe after 5pm on the release date ?

  • Francois Neron

    8 years of hard work (from passionate people) and a 30 minutes/1 hour tweaking server makes you flame? You deserve to be fired. Get a life douchebag!

  • BIll

     Servers are down in Asia, and it’s amusing to note that Blizzard’s always online DRM has caused people in that region to be unable to even play the singleplayer

  • SensibleName

    They seem to have retained one of the least enjoyable aspects of Diablo 2 – me staring at the login dialog for an age of men. Only the patient shall enter Sanctuary!

  • Wedens

    servers are down in UK for 3 hrs or so now? Blizzard messed up again, nice to see so many idiots defending them as usual.

    no excuse given the many years experience and vast cash resources

  • Geckz_0k

    Errm no you have not overreacted.

    Look at the blizzard forums.

  • C162943

    Real money Auction House servers in the above screenshot won’t go live until a week after launch so no worries there. Now if only I could get into the game without error37

  • Player1

    Servers are still down… Can’t even play single player while we wait…

  • diablo 3 player

    Don’t apologize too soon!  It seems the server is down for a few more hours the opening day, which is another thing to complain about!!!  

  • Player2

    They are down right now, first they said it would be fixed in an hour. Now they are saying maybe in 2 more hours.

  • Kyleremon

    done’t ever ever EVER appologize to Blizzard. You all UNDER-reacted, as the servers are still down. What a bunch of lazy bums cant even get it working, they had 13 years to prepare. give me a freakin’ break.

  • Mordaldragon

    Do you think they will ever let us search for rooms going on or will is just stay the random crap it is now? i hate being thrown into just some random group….hope they let us create our own.

  • Meat

    Servers still down….

  • Guest

    No hard feelings to Blizzard, but I have a feeling this is not going to be resolved in 48 hours. When D3 is global there servers are likely to go down again and again. There are millions of people anticipating this game. I estimate it won’t be easy to log on until maybe a month from now.

  • Endlessea

    Servers are still down. Cmon blizzard get your act together

  • Tonic1080

    still cannot log into US servers, error 37….epic fail for a game that is single player at its heart

  • Cerberus_Black1

    EU servers still down

  • Cerberus_Black1

    I dont know about you guys but i just LOVE paying for a game that i cant play

  • BlizzardRage

    12 hours in and still the servers are failing. A decade to plan and they still couldn’t manage to make the game playable? This problem would not exist if not for Blizzard’s obsessive tendency to bully gamers into playing online. Why can’t I just play my over-priced game by myself, offline?

  • Kevi Sleno

    You overacted? What’s the matter with you? Just because it doesn’t say servers are down on their website, does not mean their servers are not in fact down, and people can’t get on. It should be online right now, right? Go look on the main screen- down until 1:30PDT. They are 100% responsible for every twitter complaint. Grow a spine and stick by what you originally said.

  • Cottondull

    still cant log on to servers error 37

  • Aef

    There is also contests for beating the game and if people are still playing from before the maintenance then they have a few hours head start same as those who were able to login at midnight they got a hour and a half head-start.



  • Serrasalmus

    are u kidding ? Its the second evening and I still cant log in – it tells me the servers are busy and to come back….THEY should be apologising. The game is not fit for the purpose.


    i quit my job for this?!!!?!?!??!

    • Uiasfugy

      plz lets hope that’s a joke

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wolfgang-Maier/1277101355 Wolfgang Maier

    😮 right click d3 exe file, properties, compatibility tab, run as xp service pack 3, check run as admin. enjoy

  • Aodhfionn

    Funny, you say the servers were only down for an hour and a half, but I haven’t been able to get on all bloody day. The client downloaded just fine, but I can’t PLAY the game — servers are down, STILL down at 3:30pm EST, have been down all day. After Blizzard screwed all us WoW fans, now we can’t play a game we’ve just downloaded? Activision at its best, once again.

    • Jeffmannnbc

      They were up last night.  I got on and played at 330 AM EST finally.  They’ve taken them down for an hour long maintenance that’s now going well into its 3rd hour.

  • random

    This is a mother F******* Joke

  • Mavricklax

    I am shure there are others who shared my experiance.
    I havd 7 people over last night. Our plan was to stay up read abuot teh game, play some D2 and D1 and wait for 3am (We are EST). These seven people contain closed beta testers, WOW vanilla memebers, D1 realse players. Even two of us crazy enough to by the collectors box set.
    3am rolls around, and…. Its 4:05 before one of us can get on, 4:45 before all of us do.
    We play for 6 hours and decided to break for lunch.
    We just happen to return right at 10:30 PST (1:30 EST) just as the servers poop out. Now we spend another hour trying to relog.

  • random

    What Bright f****** spark at Blizzard decided to make this an online only game OMG F***** ruined the Diablo experience for EVERYONE now as playing in single player mode OFFLINE was much better as it did not require a crappy login in, its NOT WOW it Diablo ffs

    • Slim1117

      you are so right we have waited years for is game then they tell as you cant play in as a single player game what a f   ,,, joke ihope heaps of people help make them change it to a single player game

  • ximus

    This is not the first time blizzard have had such an epic fail. Anyone who plays wow will know blizzard are one of the worst game companies today. I got kicked off the server at around 5pm GMT and when i finally managed to get it to log on again at about 7.30 i was unable to log the toon i was on as the DC that was caused at there end has now prevented the toon from being played. About 2 mins of trying to work out what was wrong the server kicked me off again and another 2 hours later i still cannot log on. I agreed to sub to wow for 12 months to get this for free, The way i see it they have not kept up there end of the deal so when i call my bank to stop the sub niether am i. Clearly they are not going to do anything about the amount of people playing and say it will get better because they assume not so many people will be playing it at the same time in the next 48 hours. Seriously blizzard how dumb are you ?. This is like there GM’s saying a warrior who pressed need on a ring what only has int and spirit is not a ninja looter lol

  • Unknown

    are the servers up yet?

  • Oprah

    console diablo 3 would be just as much of a joke as console diablo 1 was

  • Anonymous

    ” Diablo III on consoles as demand would be much higher than it currently is on the PC” yeah i dont think so, its a pc game no matter how you twist it, most users will use a pc/mac.

  • Rabbit

    “Blizzard has apologized and said that the issue should fade over the next 48 hours, as demand will not be as high like it is now on launch day.” That’s the biggest load of bullshit Blizzard could ever put. You’re basically saying “Eventually 10% of each server is going to get pissed off and quit trying to log in to our game!” Why don’t you do the sensible thing; Create more god damn servers for each location to hold more players. It’s not like you’ll be making billions of dollars off the game, why not spend a couple hundred thousand to ensure everyone who bought your game is satisfied?

  • guest

    how dare they make an incredible product and not have it be perfect when hundreds of thousands of people all simultaneously attempt to use aforementioned incredible game.  we acolytes of such frenzy demand that the people who gave us such divinely good games have them function immediately whenever and wherever we so demand!

    • Uncreator

       It’s called making a profit. You claim you worked your ass off making a product? Then prove it to us, and we’ll keep coming back for more. We don’t care about the “magic” of internet infrastructure, server capacity, or the limitations of your budget. “YOU” (Blizzard) say it’s playable at 12:01AM, then plan accordingly to make a kick-ass product come to life and re-ignite the nostalgia we were so eager for all over again.

    • Runsey

       Well lets see.  They make over 150 million dollars a month from wow alone and have made these games and dealt with these massive problems in every expansion of their game.  They knew it was coming and had the resources to let all 3 million people connect at once.  They just were to cheap to actually do it.  So yeah they failed.

    • 123

      I think that its not fair for some people, like myself, who bought the game not for online multiplayer, but for single player, cannot even play.

  • Dam

     “Blizzard has apologized and said that the issue should fade over the next 48 hours, as demand will not be as high like it is now on launch day.”

    So their solution is to wait until people give up at playing the game and go back to work so the servers won’t have as many people logged in. Brilliant! 

     I guess Blizzard is like, “Well, we made our money back on launch, no since putting more money into server space, it’s not like they pay monthly, let them wait.”

  • Slim1117

    it is crap that you cant play a game offline what is the point of owning the disc it

  • Musashi

    MMO’s have had a history of long server ques, log in issues, and bad latency on launch day/week. (Swtor, Rift, Cata for example) Once they have balanced out servers to the population and patched launch day bugs and errors (like every other MMO has done in history) there will be no problems. Blizzard is not going to have a plethora of servers awaiting to absorb a worlds worth log in attempts.  Its much more cost effective to scale up to meet population with your servers once you’ve seen actual demand trends. Its a business, run like a business, to maximize profit.  Calm down, you’ll get your fix little kids.

    On a side note, I’m enjoying the hell out of the game :)
    Monk – 24

    • Davidrafuse-1990

      its not a mmo just saying  u can figure it out for ur self what game type it is

  • Foss

    Rent some damn servers if you know demand is high!!!

  • Guest

    demand wont be as high…….huh?!?!?!

  • Hawx2689

    I think this is ridiculous. I’ve waited and waited for this game. I played diablo 2 so much I had to buy another copy because the other quit working. I was so exicted to play diablo 3. I download, try to log in. Error 37. What the @#$#. I payed 60$ for this, to play a game that I have been a fanatic fan about for years. I think it’s bull @$#$. Blizzard has screwed us all over and could give a rats ass if we are happy or not. They have literally killed all the exictment for me due to the disappointment of not even being able to see what the game actually looks like other than the movies and the log in screen. If anything at all, we have a damn good right to be extremely pissed off and to let them know about it. We need a single player mode. Online optional as it used to be. I have a great internet connection, but its just horrible that those that don’t can’t enjoy the game because they are forcing online play on diablo fans all over the world. It’s a damn shame to see diablo fall from the greatness it used to be. My heart sank like a rock seeing the error 37 message over and over again. Blizzard says they are working diligently on the problem. I say crap. If that was true, we all would be playing happily and not posting on this website about how upset we are not only about the game, single player mode no where in site, but also the fact that blizzard has let us all down. Truly a sad day in gaming history considering how well loved the diablo series is.

  • Dam

    I’m blaming this one on Blizzard management, because the artists and game designers did an excellent job. The act scenes are incredible!  But as with many high paid officals, they get fat and lazy.  I guarantee that people that work in the I.T. department said, “Hey, we are going to need a lot of server space if all of North America is going to be on one server.” Then the high ups said, “Don’t worry about it, we’ll deal with it when it happens.”  Ya, that guy is sleeping soundly while the I.T. guys are pulling their hair out right now.

    • Prosavage

      Amen brother, you nailed it on the hammer

  • Nou

    This is the worst-written article on the subject I have read.

  • Dam

    Yes, this is a terrible article, but I just realized something. Since I spent $100 on the collector’s edition and can’t play Diablo 3, But I can still play Diablo 2 that is inside the USB drive in the soul stone that fits in Diablo’s Skull statue.  Hmmm…

  • Popeyetsm

    If this isn’t fixed and the servers are still down 48 hours from now like they are right now how does Blizzard figure the demand will be less. Theyt are just lucky this is the 21st Century and US peons don’t “storm the castle” and burn the inhabitants anymore!

  • Huh

    Terrible article. You do realise the auction houses you claim are having problems are the real money ones whcih are not due to go live for another week. Research before posting such awful bandwagon rubbish

  • Waited Forever for this?

    Everyone should return their games to show game companies we won’t tolerate being bullied to play online only for single player capable games!!!!