No Tomb Raider in 2012, succumbs to pressure

It seems that those expecting the new Tomb Raider game in the fall of 2012 will now have to hold out until the first quarter of 2013, and Crystal Dynamics has recently released a new screenshot of this title hinting at content you will be seeing at E3.

The screenshot may be a nice reveal although it does compensate for a delay in the release and this looks to be a way of stemming the pressure that they are under to produce a game that is a worthy addition to exceptional titles that are coming out this year. Not only are the developers trying to produce something that is new and captivating for audiences, they are also expecting this to be their best game to date and report on their decision to delay the release in order to produce a very special quality title.

Darrell Gallagher, the head at Crystal Dynamics has commented on how they plan to excite and surprise gamers with the new Tomb Raider and that they want to deliver the best possible end product. With the release date shifting to 2013 many disappointed fans may understand the need for delay to bring them a decent title, as most gamers would prefer to wait a while longer for a great game than end up with a Tomb Raider that is just passable.

This news will also raise expectations of the game giving us reason to believe this will be the best Tomb Raider experience yet, and this goes for graphic quality seen in other titles that have also seen delays. Some are not overly impressed with the graphics seen thus far, in comparison to some games that have had their release dates held back. Back in January, we wrote about some of the new mechanics involved in this new addition to the Tomb Raider franchise and that this will be a totally new title that has no story links to previous games.

These days there are plenty of delays and this is more to do with producers than the developers, and although this can be quite irritating, we are sure no one wants a game that has been rushed to meet a deadline affecting the quality of the product. With BioShock: Infinite also being delayed until 2013, do you think this could be more relevant to fear other big titles that will be released in the fourth quarter of 2012?

  • Tiffany Wall

    I am disappointed that it is being held back..but hopefully it will be well worth the wait!!