Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC lands for the last time

Having only been released for 4 months in most countries it’s sad that the Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC has landed for the last time, which consists of two new episodes: Snow’s Story: Perpetual Battlefield and Lightning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess. These were made available on Xbox LIVE yesterday and today on the PlayStation Store.

In a final farewell DLC there are also new costumes as well, which include White and Black Mage Costumes along with costumes for Mog. If that wasn’t enough Noel and Serah’s Moogle companion no has a choice of 16 different costumes. There was also a DLC last month that came with an Assassin’s Creed costume – how surreal.

In this final DLC you will get to play out the final episode that helps to bring an end to the storyline of Final Fantasy XIII-2, but you will need to complete the game before you do this – just be prepared for the grueling battle between Lightning and Caius

We have for you below a trailer for the DLC Requiem of the Goddess and we can’t help but feel a little sad knowing that there will be no more new content. Things are not all good though as some gamers were left a little disappointed knowing that this DLC contains more prologue content, when they had hoped for more epilogue content. It had been feared that the DLC was for Japan only but we are happy to report that this is a worldwide release.