Highlighting the dangers in The Last of Us

As the hype builds up about Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated The Last Of Us more hints of what is to be expected are shown in the CGI latest trailer of this PS3 exclusive, and although we already know that it is a post-apocalyptic survival action-adventure there are more dangers ahead than just those who are infected.

It seems that human survivors are just as much of a threat than the ones affected by the plague and Gaming Blend writes about the trailers which have been released and how they have generated plenty of interest, considering how short they are. In this recent trailer, you get to see what Ellie and Joel have to encounter as they venture through the ruins based in the US.

With no civilization, the fight for basic supplies like food and water have made the human survivors of the apocalypse go crazy and this recent trailer shows the lengths they will go to when it comes to obtaining any valuable resource. This gives us an insight into what the pair are up against as each day passes and even though this game is not expected until either the end of the year or early 2013 we are hoping to get more information by the time E3 comes around.

Visually the trailer looks very impressive and from what we know of the story this doesn’t seem like your average zombie game, as the main characters have plenty to contend with adding to the thrill of their adventure. Hopefully at E3 some gameplay footage will be shown to give gamers an idea of exactly what will be experienced, in relation to this, a couple of months ago we wrote about a few of the challenges that will be encountered with the notion that sustaining injuries in this game will have a drastic effect on how the characters continue their journey.

Healing will be a process and no instant recovery will be available putting more emphasis on trying to maintain damage free, which will also prove that well planned attacks will be the best way to remain unharmed. To see Joel and Ellie get ambushed we have embedded the new The Last of Us trailer below, and we would like to know your views on this recent footage.