Reasonable describes Mario Tennis Open reviews

To get an overall impression of what is thought of Mario Tennis Open we have had a look at some reviews by various sites, and gathering these up shows that this has been given a reasonable rating and that this 3DS game has struggled in certain areas.

Regarding Mario Tennis Open as a fun experience, Eurogamer feel the core is excellently put together although the game is lacking in ambition and depth. Plenty of fun is to be had with hyperactive arcade action, which allows great special moves and the ball to bounce off at crazy angles making this an accessible fun game for newcomers, along with the different costumes, rackets and boots that can be unlocked. The four mini-games are mediocre attempts of what has been seen in previous console titles, but the eight tournaments in singles and doubles, plus single-cartridge four-player and full online multiplayer are great fun. Overall, their rating was a decent 7 out of ten, and a good game for the handheld yet they were expecting bigger ideas after seven years.

CVG has given an extensive explanation in their review and they see it as better version than the GameCube’s Mario Power Tennis, but not a good as the N64’s Mario Tennis. Viewing this title as nothing like a real tennis game they also feel that it has added some humor to the sport, and they regard the special games as a fun experience with a different opinion to Eurogamer, although they found the Ink Showdown to be a pointless exercise. With everything taken into account, CVG delivered a more impressive score of 8.0, which seems better than the reasonable score we expected.

With IGN their individual scores in all departments range from 6 to 7 but in addition they also feel that this game is not quite worthy of the Mario legacy quizzing the lack of multiplayer, customization options which cause a big setback to their overall score. Classing it as a fun and addictive experience is not enough to impress, as this was expected to be unique and use more of what is involved in manic world of Mario games. Camelot has shown that they know how to make a game like tennis more accessible and the 3DS’s touch pad or buttons for the game’s six types of shots is appreciated, but it struggles in near enough every other aspect especially the limited customization. Overall, they awarded a score of 6.5 for the core idea.

Do you think the ratings by these three reviews give a reasonable account of Mario Tennis Open? What score would you award? In addition, do you share the same sentiment?