The demand for Minecraft on PS3

First of all let’s point out that Microsoft own the rights to Minecraft with the Xbox 360 Edition not long releasing, although we’ve seen an increasing amount of debate around the desire for Minecraft on Sony’s PS3, which some people believe could come to the PlayStation 3 in around a years time. This is obviously speculation but we can find demand for a PS3 version by looking at different debates taking place in online forums.

It’s obvious that some PS3 users will want to get their hands on Minecraft via the PlayStation Store after seeing the record number of downloads this XBLA game has had in just a few days, which is said to be over one million and counting. There had been a concern that gamers would not part with 1600 MS Points, or $20 but they have been.

Those gamers hoping to see Minecraft on the PS3 will start to put the blame on Microsoft after buying the exclusivity, which stopped it coming to the PlayStation. Now while we know that Microsoft has a big wallet Sony has to take some of the blame as well, because they could have upped the bid. Maybe you should ask Sony why they did not go for the exclusive?

You shouldn’t give up too easily because there’s always hope, as we have no idea how long the exclusivity runs for, maybe Microsoft only has the deal for a year, but will PS3 owners want Minecraft in 12 months time?

Forgetting the exclusive deal for the moment there’s also another reason why the PS3 has to wait, and that’s because the Xbox is the easiest console to port games from the PC, most multiconsole games are developed on the 360 first and then ported over to the others. None of this will be any comfort to those who want to see Minecraft appear on the PSN Store.

How desperate are you to get Minecraft on the PS3?

  • Billyhughesdon

    I think it should come to ps3 as people who do not have an XBOX and have no intention of getting an xbox.

    I mean look at the skyrim dlc Microsoft bought it out early

    Micorsoft just think they can buy out whatever they want

    Even though I like microsoft I still think that PS3 should get a fighting chance at getting minecraft

  • Zonewarriors

    Would luv to see it on the Vita

  • TheAssassin421

    Ps3 Should get it too and it could be better than the xbox version because the ps3 is a more powerful console

  • Alisha

    Why do everyone depict Xbox as a better console?! No it’s not!!

    Yeah I think it should show up on PS3 as well. 
    Oh, and fix the pocket edition!

  • Skyler

    Im Pissed, I have all the consoles but I dont wanna buy a 20 dollar game on a the shitty xbox. I want it on a good console like ps3. Im not buying it till it comes on it ps3. Hopefully it comes on it soon.

    • Hatasbehatinandlikasbelikin

      Why buy all consoles if you hate one of them??? -_-

      • ghebebgi

        I doubt he even has an xbox.

  • Ru

    With the 256mb of ram, it would have been a technical challenge. Even getting this to run on the Xbox must have been a feat.

  • Bobthehill

    If PS3 gamers are willing to spend money on it I see no reason why it shouldn’t come to the PStore. I for one would rather buy it on the PS3 because my laptop get very hot while playing Minecraft.

  • Wibble

    Um, just to correct the first statement – Microsoft do not own the rights to Minecraft. Mojang own the rights. That’s why it’s an “Indie” Game. There is probably a Exclusivity Deal with microsoft, but that will be time limited. When that runs out, hey presto – Minecraft PS3.

  • andy

    think about it sony have everything phone’s ps3 tv sound systems and laptops i think so with all of that we could achieve a more higher quality and better gaming experience along with the 3d option with the TV’s not to mention ps3 don’t break every other month like Xbox’s

  • Ivan

    Mojang would make more money if they put it on all consoles than the exclusivity deal, i bet it was like $750,000 i dont know (estimate). But overall Mojang lost some fans and their profit by not bringing it to PS3. And, with PS3’s enhanced capabilities like blu ray and the processors I too, think it would be higher quality.

  • Ivan

    Also, someone is going to beat Mojang to make a game like minecraft exclusively for PS3, so they better get their crap together and refund their money before they lose millions from PS3 fans who bought this “Minecraft-like” game. Mojang better hurry up.

  • Ivan

    Im gonna take a 2nd guess that the exclusivity deal is a one month term deal, like Call of Duty used to be ( a game would come out one month earlier on Console “A” than Console “B”)

  • Kishan Patel

    I REALLY want a minecraft for ps3 similar to the one on 360. In fact, if it came out I’d make my first purchase on the psn store. 

  • HL_bomb

    if it dont come out on ps3 imay reconsider gettind the app…

  • guess

    i am so desprate i would sell my ps3 lol

  • RCninja

    I play it round my friends on Xbox, and i’m imaging how awesome it would be on ps3, i am so  so so so desperate to get that game that it just isn’t funny anymore being trolled by xbox users…

  • Bert

    Was really hoping it would come to the Vita, but Mojang let Miscrosoft buy them out. Lost a lot of respect for them…

    • Joseph Subversion Griffiths

       Microsoft is a much more respectable company than Sony, so why would you lose respect?

      • Joeldeak

         He lost respect because Mojang know that they could have made a deal with both Microsoft and Sony, then everyone would have been happy, but they stuck to Microsoft…most likely because of greed.

  • Hggthghfhfhfg

    Notch claimed that he believes Sony is impatient, while Microsoft is more patient and worth the time, which lowers the belief of Minecraft coming to the PS3.

  • SoCal71

    Seems Microsoft is doing everything right this generation and Sony is doing everything wrong.   PSN would have never posted over 2 million sales in 3 weeks. Definitely a few hundred thousand for sure… Mojang was correct to sign exclusive with Microsoft, they control the market right now and can deliver the numbers Sony cannot. 

  • Dan

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    You need to tone them down a bit and put them in key places only otherwise you’re going to lose some of your regular readers.

  • talal_6

    this is not fair microsoft AKA microunfair ps3 should get it as well