Early Dragon’s Dogma demo release

An early release of Dragon’s Dogma demo on the PSN and Xbox Live has allowed gamers to get a taste of what will be coming late next week, and this demo allows players to be teamed up in a party with three Pawns to tackle two of the game’s early encounters with two of the main classes available in the game.

The first is the prologue dungeon of Dragon’s Dogma with a deadly Chimera at its heart with the game’s Fighter class of character, with the second seeing a Strider lead his three pawns fighting a massive Griffin in the open of the plains near a mighty city called Gransys. Last month Play.tm wrote an article informing us of the demo and the upcoming full game, which is set to be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 on Tuesday May the 22nd in North America and Friday May the 25th in Europe. If you have not already experienced the demo it is currently available through PSN and Xbox Live to get an insight into next weeks release.

In other more recent Dragon’s Dogma news, Gaming Blend write about a report that Capcom may refrain from using disc-locked content after Dragon’s Dogma, and this shows that they are now paying attention to the complaints received with Street Fighter X Tekken, even if it has sold 1.4 million copies. After Dragon’s Dogma, they will be addressing these issues and those who didn’t know about the disc-locked content may wonder whether they will be looking at Resident Evil 6 as well.

Capcom’s senior vice president Christian Svensson has mentioned that they have been listening to your comments and taken these views into consideration when it comes to how such additional game content is delivered in the future. At the beginning of the week, we discussed the world of Skyrim vs. Dragon’s Dogma and questioned whether Dragon’s Dogma will eventually be a bigger game than the world of Skyrim, due to suggestions that it may have a much larger world to travel around.

Another question that has been asked is whether this game will be as non-linear as Skyrim, as this will have an affect on how big their world is to explore. Have you experienced the Dragon’s Dogma demo? Will you be obtaining this game as soon as it comes out?

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    already preordered dragon’s dogma and cannot wait till friday to get it in the UK