UE4 unlikely for Xbox 720 launch games

Certain lucky individuals have been getting to see some awesome footage of the Unreal Engine 4, as Epic Games has been showing what they have so far behind closed doors. There were hopes that this new engine would be ready in time for Xbox 720 launch games, but that’s very unlikely considering that Epic has recently said that the next console from Microsoft will most probably use Unreal Engine 3 at the start.

One of the reasons for this is because there’s still too much work to do, even though the Gears of War publisher and 14 of their engineers were able to create what they have so far in less than 3 months. One of the concerns why it will not be ready for the Xbox 720 is due to the fact that UE4 is unable to power certain visuals.

We shouldn’t get too excited just yet because the demo shown was done with a Kepler GTX 680, Nvidia’s new and expensive video card. There’s also a little show boating going on because Epic would have put everything and the kitchen sink into that one scene, let’s just wait until we get to see what an actual game will look like once UE4 is much closer to completion.

However, there’s no getting away from the fact that the engine will be a vast improvement over the current version, and it’s been suggested here that developers who will work on games for the next-gen consoles will take full advantage of what UE4 will be able to do, we hope that both Microsoft and Sony take this into consideration when deciding what graphics card, CPU and RAM they will use in their upcoming consoles. Epic has already been to see them both to show off what UE4 can do and have now asked them to make sure their next-gen consoles can handle it and if they can’t, then we’re afraid it will be a PC exclusive engine.

One would presume that Epic Games would be showing off their new baby during E3 next month and one key advantage that we are sure Epic will be bigging up is the shortening of development time thanks to a range of new tools.

What excites you most about Unreal Engine 4?