Will Black Ops 2 kick MW3 on the floor?

We can’t say that we were surprised when Treyarch announced Black Ops 2 and while there were many questions needing answering there’s one on our mind, will the next COD title kick MW3 on the floor? Now if we were to go by sales predictions then we would have to say yes, as the new game has already started to beat sales records.

It’s funny because some fans of the franchise are pre-ordering their copy even though they don’t know much about Black Ops 2 – although it does have similarities to Ghost Recon: Future Solider. However, there’s still a big question mark hanging over the quality of the game and if it will be on par or better than Modern Warfare 3?

There is a chance that there will not be any improvements made in terms of quality because Treyarch will still use the same engine technology that has been powering Call of Duty for years, although it’s been said that this will be a modified version – so Black Ops 2 could gain an edge over MW3.

Some people will be asking why a new engine was not built for Black Ops 2 and they do have a point, but it’s a little late in the day to develop a new engine when it’s uncertain how long the Xbox 360 and the PS3 has left, as it’s widely suggested that they are nearing the end of their life-cycle. Let’s not worry too much about these old engines being used because they are nothing like they were when first released, as they have undergone a number of overhauls to get the most from each new game that gets released.

One feature that could help Black Ops 2 wipe the floor with Modern Warfare 3 is by making zombies part of the main game and not just Zombies Mode, along with a deeper community because of the new multiplayer engine and game modes.

It’s not all positive for Black Ops 2 though as some analysts believe the game will not be able to break sales records due to the popularity of the COD series now starting to dwindle, then again some of us thought the same about Modern Warfare 3 – how wrong we were.

While some gamers have become bored with the Call of Duty franchise, we can still see Black Ops 2 doing well and if sales did drop when compared to previous versions there could be a number of reasons why. The first could be down to boredom while the other could be something out of our control and that’s the economy – let’s not get started about the terrible trouble the Euro is in at the moment.

How do you think Black Ops 2 will fare in terms of sales when compared to Modern Warfare 3?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stuart-Gammie/100000056987923 Stuart Gammie

    It’s the next COD. There’s plenty of kids out there that just go ‘OMG new COD, Black Ops II, must have!!!!!!
    Whilest others, teenagers, adults that like the game and get it to play with their mates for when they come home from a days work.

    • NinjaMuffinLive

      I like coming home from work and playing with my friends, CoD is pretty relaxing, I usually only find adults playing late at night.

      In responce to the engine, Lamia stated that they can’t really update the engine and keep it at 60 FPS, so… I’d rather play CoD at 60 FPS unlike BF3 at 30

  • //$$$@”””//

    no offense but who ever wrote this must have ADHD because it’s all over the place