Diablo 3 review on first weekend

It’s been a bit of a stressful week for Diablo 3 fans, as those who had taken the time to pre-order their copy in advance to enjoy the game were left a little dismayed because of the recent server issues. Thankfully all is well (apart from the Auction House) and so we can now gauge a reaction and review what gamers and critics think of Diablo 3 on the first weekend after its release.

There was a fear that reviews were not going Blizzard’s way as the early Metacritic score looked surprisingly low, but those reviews were done in anger and now that fans are able to enjoy the latest Diablo game from the series scores have now begun to increase. Looking over a handful of reviews it’s clear to see that there are vast improvements over its successor. However, it’s not all perfect because there are still a number of things that Blizzard missed out on, which we’ll explain a little later.

Gamer Home points out that there is more technology on show in Diablo 3, along with improved visuals, which isn’t a surprise for a newly released PC game like this. However, where they say the game really shines is in the gameplay because Blizzard has not made too many changes to what fans fell in love with all those years ago. You’ll be pleased to know that there are now more enemies than before and the developers have also made the levels much harder. Overall they have scored Diablo 3 a 9 out of 10.

EGMNOW is not afraid to jump off the fence in their review because while they claim Diablo 3 is an RPG at its finest and loves how there is vast amounts of combat, they also point out that Blizzard should have added side-quests or open ended exploration to help grow the series more. It’s clear to see that they have more negative views to put across rather than positive, but we can see that those positives still outweigh what’s wrong/missing from the game.

Another interesting review actually comes from a fan and not a critic, and he doesn’t mess around either suggesting that D3 is just a remake of D2 and a poor one at that. He believes that Diablo 2 was far better than the game that started the franchise off and was seen as a huge improvement, but in terms of scale the improvements from D2 to D3 were not as great. Is this something that you would agree with?

CVG offers a much greater insight into the game and while they love the big challenges, combat and how additive it is, they hate how server troubles can affect the single-player, which was highlighted earlier this week.

Do you feel that the content Blizzard took from Diablo 3 during development affects the outcome of the game, or do you not look at is as missing content any more? Also what content would you like to see brought back or new ones added in the future?

  • http://www.facebook.com/samuel.rosenbalm Samuel Rosenbalm

    I, for one, will not miss grinding through the same thing over and over again for fear of having allotted skill points wrongly. Indeed, in the last two Diablo games, I never could shake the feeling that I needed to start fresh.

    The beauty of Diablo 3 is that you don’t have to grind through the same thing again and again just to get to a certain point. I plan on having five builds – one for each class. That is all I will ever need. But still, taking all 5 classes to level 60, as well as through all difficulty levels, will have me playing through the game 20+ times. That is a lot of replay.

    And, with the in-depth rune system, the possibilities and on the fly customization (depending on the situation) really opens Diablo 3 up and evolves the series in a big way. In short, the new skill system creates possibilities, it doesn’t limit them.

    And then you have to factor in that a majority of the bad reviews were done in a fit of anger over the connection issues (and let’s face it, the only time most people go to Metacritic is to vent). People were a little bent out of shape, but the whole backlash does not reflect poorly on Diablo 3, but rather on gamers. Gamers are fickle.

    I am also a fan of the new online always format. I think it streamlines the Diablo 3 experience, merging single player and multiplayer together into a kind of MMO hybrid. I also believe it is a small price for us PC gamers to pay in order to support the industry that we claim to love. We never cease to complain about developers turning their back on the PC gaming industry, but are unwilling to compromise even a little when it comes to us doing our part to ensure that developers continue to have a reason to support our beloved industry.

    I am satisfied with the graphics. Not only does it look better than every other Diablo clone on the market, but the art direction is distinctively Diablo. The game is also optimized well and is playable on a massive range of setups. Considering how hectic the action can get when you have four players going nuts on screen with spells and debris flying everywhere, I am surprised that Diablo 3 can look so well and run so well.

    The RMAH is another unpopular feature, but I honestly believe that this is a feature that is born more so out of necessity. The alternative is unthinkable. All one has to do is load Diablo 2 and in no time flat they will see exactly why Blizzard made that call. I believe it was the right call to make, and no one is forcing people to use the RMAH.

    Overall, Diablo 3 looks great, plays great, and is great. It is the Diablo that we all grew up with, except this time the emphasis is on all of Diablo’s strengths, hunting for loot and multiplayer. It is refined and evolved for a new generation. It is the greatest dungeon crawler ever made up to this point, an evolution in the series, and an absolute blast to play.


    • Barba

      “support the industry that we claim to love”? Really, what is there to love about the “industry”?. Im sure many people enjoy gaming and good games but thats taking it a bit far.

  • Conty C

    I can’t understand how a Diablo fan can like the new skill system. It makes the game sensless. I never thought that I will be bored of playing Diablo 3 after reaching level 20 only… Diablo 2 was way better than this one. I hate the flushy graphics and the hundreds of skills that look like magic. You can’t even fire an arrow without loking like a spell. Where is the good old sword/axe swinging and arrow fireing? Diablo 3 looks like a battle of sorcerors no matter what classes play. When a new player joins multiplayer, it is hard to distinguish his class from his gameplay, because everything looks like spells. And again, the auto assign of skills and points is absurd. The best thing about Diablo 2 was that you had to plan ahead. If you didn’t, your character was doomed, and you had to play all over again. On top of that, having a skill build required a new character, not 30 seconds of reassigning the skills. You could make extreme builds that excelled at some things andnwere very vulnerable at others, you had choices. In Diablo 3 all characters are the same. All level 60 wizards can use the same skills and builds if they want to, and have the same specs. It has no meaning to level up your character, when you could just wait and buy a lvl 60 from the AH, since it will have the same skills (the standard ones, the only ones).

    I paid 60 euros for this game, but it is not worth the money. The weakest Blizzard game since Warcraft 3. 12years and they made a poorer game than the previous one, only because they wanted to make it fit for console and to please gamers who don’t like to think first and then act.

    • Harlequinninja

      Thats good info, cuz i was gonna buy it, lol

    • VBruceLeeV

      Completely agree.  D3 is no where near the level of game play that D2 had.  D3 is labeled a mature game, but was basically designed for a 10 year old.  All skill levels and stats are preset, so everybody is basically playing the same char….  What made Diablo so popular was the realism, high level of detail regarding stats and specs that made almost every player different, and a fun hack/slash game where group of friends would enjoy dying and scrambling to go retrive their bodies…  I was highly anticipated to play D3, but am now highly disappointed…. After 10+ years and this is what we get….  Game play and skill system is so much like League of Legends, a free game!  It’s sad really…  Even the inventory screen is a joke compared to D2..  All gears/weapons/etc either take one or two slots?  I’m running it on 1080 resolution and they all look the dame same…  End note:  I payed 65$ for good cut scenes, period…  A secret care bear level is included and was supposed to be funny…. Sad Blizzard cuz I don’t get the joke…..

    • Trent

      How true. I havent played the game yet but looking at all the mess of bright colours on the screen is enough to turn me off buying it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/samuel.rosenbalm Samuel Rosenbalm

      You just lost all credibility with me when you said what you said about Warcraft 3. There are still Warcraft 3 tournaments being held in parts of the world, and it is widely regarded as the best fantasy RTS game ever made. And there are millions who still play it and DOTA today. Your ignorance shows.

      And there is great disparity with the classes. I particularly took note the first time I teamed up with each (I am using a WD). The way bones go flying with the Barbarian lays waste is an amazing site, and the sound is just brutal. I don’t know what game you are playing, but it’s not the same one I’m playing, and I’m playing Diablo 3.

      • Kingerz1

        Think you work for Bliz?

  • Chris V

    Diablo 2 is much better then 3. Diablo 3 is just boring, repetitive, its so small in map size.

    Look heaps of things wrong with this game. It really wasn’t worth the hype or the wait! Blizzard did its first real poor job with a game title. Diablo 3 just sucks. It feels like something that should’ve been released for playstation or xbox 360, certainly not for pc. Its Underhandedly uncomplicated and placid. Overall, 2/5! Waste of time, I’m bored of the game its been 3 days, (am level 45).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vahe-LedBetter/100002886534106 Vahe LedBetter

    None of the reviews have been low…you are seriously quoting troll 4chan reviews as legitimate metacritic reviews? The actual critic reviews have been glowing and the game stands at an 88 average with 19 reviews in. A 0 user review isn’t a review. It’s a 13 year old raging that he couldn’t play the night of release.

  • http://twitter.com/NKoreanSpy KarmaKameleonKultur

    Leah has intercourse with Diablo 3/4’s progress, later you are forced to destroy the anti-Christ child with the Harbinger blade, a special weapon that evolves as your character progresses. Once the demon child is aborted upon the alter of Amerispheresis Gabriel condemns all life. 

    The last boss battle involves the spirit of Leah’s destroyed demon baby possessing a vengeful Gabriel. When you destroy the angel and the unholy spirit combo you become a demi-god and retain a special title for Multiplayer.

    Wasn’t worth the $75

  • Brewmaker

    Farcry was a great game. then came farcry2. Nothing like it. It became a weenie sequel. I thought the good brains at Blizzard would try to make it the best RPG game ever. Something to tell your kids about. Bragging rights. I guess I’ll go back to rehashing some old games until something better comes along. Still, D2 was a lot of fun.

    • http://www.facebook.com/samuel.rosenbalm Samuel Rosenbalm

      Diablo 3 is here, and it is amazing. Every bit the game that was promised.

      Don’t listen to the morons. Don’t let the trolls rob you of the greatness that is Diablo 3.

      If you do, you deserve to miss out. Your choice.

  • Krien Day

    Stop complaining about having to go on the net to play single player.  The reason the OFFLINE single player wasn’t included is because Blizzard knows tht Skidrow or Razor wud come up with tht anyways!!!

  • Thomas E.

    Funny to write a pretty tame and lukewarm review of the reviews while “Diablo 3-Available Now” flashing at the bottom….

  • Can Emed

     I remember I played Diablo on 90’s with an old DX 486 computer…… We close the lights, and played the original Diablo for hours… I can even remember the feeling… not joy… not fun… but Fear, horror, macabre, grotesque, gothic feelings that surrounds us.. Dude, the game has the sounds, musics, and astonishingly big graphics that not easily can created with the 2D Game-graphics of its genre.. You can easily fear on every door step, and every corner of the labyrinth looking for a single enemy movement shadows in denizens…
    In Diablo 2, the graphics are better, but the feeling was not really there… There was not “absolute-horror” on the game… But we played Diablo 2 for years… that is becouse the game has endless random items, unique items, rare items comes with the random replayability.. And there was huge story telling that we knew that we are against our Ol’ “Diablo 1” character… So this was okeyed..
    This Diablo 3 ??? I played with my friends and there are no feeling of “Hotrror… macabre, fear..” There was no fear on Diablo 3 ? Just for fun ?
    I say Diablo 3 is for kids….
    I remember that when I play with Doom 3, I always feared.. knowing that I am against the HELL …
    What am I do now? I will install “DOOM 3” and play with “fear and horror….”

    For RPG part…. Diablo I “partly used” the; “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons”s “20-Dice” system… But Diablo 3… This game is for; “Shot em’ Up”… not RPG.. just “Hack and Slash”…
    For Story part;……
    But dear friends..??? We fuckin’ destroyed all the prime-three Soulstones.. we even let the Arhangel Tyrael for destroy the Worldstone, this let the cut the connections of both Heaven and Hell with the Earth… And how can our ol’ buddy returns ?? with a single asteroid.. ?
    Just a nonsense…….. :(
    I will continue for playing “Diablo 1” and “Diablo 2”, Elder Scrolls Skyrim and Doom3
    but not this Diablo 3
    Damn maybe I will even return the ADandD Tabletop sets…