Bigger PS4 leap needed to release potential

It seems that specific games designers are pushing for next generation consoles like the PS4 to be more powerful as a requirement to release more potential, and with this the Xbox 720 is also in the frame. With detailed recommendations coming from developers like Epic Games, they are giving the console designers an idea of what is going to be commercially possible.

Epic Games seem to know what the specs of next-gen consoles of Sony and Microsoft are, and this conclusion has come from this being the reason behind them wanting them to be more powerful. With this in mind, we are interested in the relationship between the console makers and Epic Games as a recent article on Gaming Bolt documents this news. Tim Sweeney from Epic talks about a quantum leap being a requirement with the next consoles, and his involvement in ensuring there is a big leap over the current consoles.

Gears of War Design Director Cliff Bleszinski spoke to Wired about their responsibilities and that their engine team is working hard to move things forward for the next generation, and says that they “need to damn near render Avatar in real time, because he wants it and gamers want it – even if they don’t know they want it.” To get an understanding of what is being suggested an article on Wired writes about the imagination engine and why the next generation games will rock your world, along with an insight into the world of Sweeney and his vision of the future of gaming.

The unreal engine 4 is set to represent the next ten years in this area and Microsoft and Sony will need to look at how much power will be required for their new consoles, as this streamline game development will assist with what can take years at the moment down to a matter of 12 months or less. With cause to believe that Epic have seen the specs of proposed new consoles and opted for more power, there may be a few concerns as to whether the next generation hardware is going to be relatively underpowered compared to the ever-evolving gaming industry.

Do you feel Sweeney’s quest for more power is exaggerated, or does this sound as if he has plenty of exciting plans for the future of gaming?

  • Cedric Veazie

    I think his approach is realistic that’s what I expect from the next gen consoles.

  • Jamie

    i still think its far to early to bring in next gen console! the ps3 is far from close to what it can do! my only fear is that how sooner after the ps4 will the ps3 come? less than 2 years maybe? its just turning into a market war so they are rushing these machines out without any regard for us gamers……..

    • WarrenN

      The XBOX and PS3 are already 10 years old.  I think it is time for an upgrade.

  • WarrenN

    I have been hearing that the next consoles are using graphic chips that today are already 1 year old.  By the time the consoles are released their graphics engines will be using 2 years old designs and are 50% slower per watt than what they could use.

    I think the console makers should take lessons from the PC.  The graphics power should use graphics that can be upgraded.  The game developers can create their games that will run on all the graphic chips, like they already do with the PC games.