Clues for second Skyrim DLC

It has been hard to not think about the first Skyrim DLC, which is made even harder after playing for a few hundred hours and then stopping for a few weeks. Most fans know that the downloadable content is coming this summer to the Xbox 360 first, and will be called Dawnguard although more details are coming at E3 2012.

So what more could Skyrim players think about other than the first DLC? Thanks to this trademark filing it seems there is some discussion about what the “DRAGONBORN” trademark could be for, which some gamers are thinking it’s for the second Skyrim DLC pack. You can see full trademark details via the above link and these only point to “computer games software” and more specifically “downloadable” software.

It’s obvious this is something to do with Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – we all know who the Dragonborn is although in our opinion this is ZeniMax/Bethesda protecting its assets, although we will find out soon enough considering the last trademark filing for Dawnguard had been confirmed as DLC just a month after being filed.

Do you agree with us that this is ZeniMax protecting its assets, or do you see this as a name for the second Skyrim DLC pack? You can also read about the thrill of exploration and Skyrim DLC in our earlier article.

  • Kim Jolicoeur

    It’s for the upcoming movie.
    The title will be “Dragonborn”

    • Dgtrssfr

      Don’t talk shite.

      • Kim Jolicoeur

        No, seriously there’s talk of a movie.
        Zenimax is securing the rights and trademarks for legal purposes.


  • AgNinja

    It’s most likely not any type of second dlc since the details haven’t even been released yet for the first. That being said, it could be any number of things.

  • AgNinja

    What would be interesting to see though, would be some of these very extensive mods created by PC users for Skyrim being released by Bethesda as dlc for consoles.