Disgaea 3 for PS Vita is a solid purchase

With Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention for the PS Vita is now available in all major territories we are interested to see how well this Vita version has been perceived, and the latest news on this gives us reason to believe this is a solid title worth trying out.

A story about a guy who played this game so much, that his girlfriend ended up leaving him, may be a sad situation, although the relationship circumstances could be a more complex than the involvement of an addictive game, who knows this could have been his aim all along, and now he can continue his love affair with Disgaea 3. In an article on Kentucky.com, they mention that this game on the PS Vita is worth hours of your life, but not your wife, mentioning the pros and cons to this addictive game.

Their take on the person that lost their partner to the game was one of amusement, yet once they took the time to experience Disgaea 3 they felt there is a reason for concern and totally understood how a situation like this can arise. The tactical RPG is the kind of game that can take hold of the user with the opportunity to spend hundreds of hours leveling up characters and recruiting teammates by playing and replaying missions. As Demon Mao leads a customized team of monsters and peers against his father, the evil Overlord there is plenty on offer with challenging gameplay and lots of leveling up to be done.

The downside to this game is that the strange voice acting and lengthy cut-scenes can become a bit tedious, although the PS Vita is an ideal home for this game and this title comes with a strong recommendation. Ideal for anyone who loves strategy and an appreciation of Japanese pop culture Disgaea 3 is very Japanese and jam packed with the kind of stuff you would not find in a Western-developed game. The story does not take itself too seriously, but some of the jokes will be missed for Western audiences, although there are some amusing bits that do translate well.

The ability to form enormous, insanely powerful teams along with combat system is where this game makes its mark, and with the help of calling on other members of your team, you can grind your way to level 9,999. Overall, this game has a decent balance of fun, value and difficulty but the strange story is not enough to cause a problem in your relationship. Have you had to use an excuse to not visit loved ones and friends because of an addictive game? On the other hand, maybe a game has caused you to be late for work the next day.