New The Last of Us screenshots

As Naughty Dog continues to treat gamers with little snippets from the highly anticipated game known as The Last of Us, more new screenshots have come out grabbing our attention as interest for this title escalates. Recently new information on the content of The Last of Us along with a great new trailer has added to the excitement surrounding the game.

New screenshots have been added on giving us more insight on what to expect. Last week an article on Joystiq delved deeper into Naughty Dog’s direction mentioning a recent demonstration of the game in Santa Monica, which did not focus on the fungal infection that is producing the zombie characters, as attention was paid to the vicious survivors that Joel and Ellie are set to come up against.

The latest trailer shows the pair crashing into a convenience store after being ambushed by a gang of opportunistic survivors, and not only does it seem that the group of survivors are dangerous but they are also relentless when it comes to obtaining any vital supplies they can get their hands on. Apparently Joel has to make the most of his surroundings once the trailer ends with only four bullets and whatever objects he can find there is a lot to contend with.

In the short trailer viewers will get to see the couple being ambushed and that’s where it ends leaving us hungry for more and Joystiq give us more information their situation, as Joel fires off some frantic shots and attacks a member of the gang using whatever he can grab hold of. Although this demo is not seen as an actual portrayal of what will be played out when the game is experienced at home, there are some questions about whether melee attacks will be a regular occurrence due to limited ammo and weaponry. With more questions expected to be answered by Naughty Dog at E3, we wait patiently to hear more about the gameplay and any other new discoveries.

A recent article on Examiner documents Naughty Dog’s comments on graphics engine update for The Last of Us and the latest “PlayStation Blogcast” podcast episode highlights an audio interview with Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley from the company. In this, they talk about the demonstration and that they are currently, “pushing a lot more environments” with the newer build. A more ambient approach will be adapted compared to the electric lighting seen in Uncharted, focusing on art direction, lighting engine, rendering style and textures.

With the PlayStation 3 exclusive title expected to be released in North America within the latter part of this year and early next, we know that there is much more that can be divulged in this period, as we wait with baited breath. Check out the truck ambush trailer below and tell us what you think. Are you hoping to see some actual gameplay footage soon?