Black Ops 2 engine and graphics

More destruction and detailed environments are to be expected in Black Ops 2 as we take a look at some information highlighting the engine and graphics of this eagerly awaited first-person shooter. The next installment in the Call of Duty franchise will include better lighting techniques and richer details for fans to experience.

As Treyarch’s online director, Dan Bunting runs through some of the engine upgrades some gamers feel that the use of superior engines similar to Frostbite 2 would help with the re-sampling of sound, motion, art and physics, which could also be assisted with engines like Unreal 3 and Cryengine 3. The idea of shared resources would play a big part in the evolution of games especially since there are some reports that the graphics are not as good as expected.

In an article on MP1ST, they mention Bunting’s insightful comments with lighting being their main focus and the integration of effects like high dynamic range lighting, bounce lighting and ambient occlusion techniques will add to the immersion in this title. A more photorealistic approach has been taken to add shadows within shadows and this has been adapted to the look of the weapons with more of a natural reflective surface.

Environments that are more detailed are to be expected, which will also be implemented in off-map locations, along with convincing visuals as far as texture blending is concerned. Without divulging too much Bunting highlighted more destruction than we have ever had before and this should add to the gameplay experience, as players will be able to destroy structures, which will also be a decent improvement when it comes to the multiplayer aspect.

On the subject of graphics, Official Xbox Magazine extensively covers Treyarch’s five biggest tech enhancements and documents the details of new lighting systems, texture blending and shaders, and while some gamers may feel that it is the design of the game causing slow progress, others are pleased with news of any improvements. A brown look about these titles has been mentioned and what new RTS missions will available, although the sound of the Strikeforce missions having multiple endings would be welcomed.

The news that Treyarch are making more improvements is a sign that they are trying to adapt and overcome problems and issues in previous titles, which is a good sign and OXM report on the past games being rejuvenated with changes to the franchise’s multiplayer mode dynamics. With Dan Bunting speaking about the moment-to-moment visuals rivaling previous Call of Duty games, he said, “We’d take it from block out to our polished phase where we’d call it the ‘beautiful corner’.

With this, they would make it a corner of the map make it as beautiful as possible and try to adapt it to the entire game. Adding to this improvements have been made with buffed-up lighting and shadows that now layer realistically, the weapons have been touched up to look better, along with more convincing texture blend and more details in general.

Those expecting drastic changes may not be totally taken back by the improvements, although it is nice to see progress being made and any attempt to move forward deserves credit. What are your thoughts on the improvements made?

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    well done treyarch