Max Payne 3 patch v1.02 and game problems

Since last weeks launch of Max Payne 3 a number of problems have been experienced and with patch 1.02 out now on PlayStation 3 we are expecting a lot of these to fixed, while we wait for a change log list highlighting was has been addressed. Apparently problems have been found after the patch and we are concerned whether this quick fix has done enough to keep gamers happy.

Looking at some of the issues that have been irritating gamers and everything from lagging controls to audio problems have been mentioned, along with long waits with the multiplayer loading screen and matchmaking. The new patch has had some gamers encounter problems with a parental alert and they have been locked out of the multiplayer, and freezing issues have also occurred with the PS3 version.

Many gamers are also getting fed up with the audio, which randomly cuts out during cut scenes, and this has a massive affect on the game when one of their main reasons for playing is down to the story. It seems that the problems experienced have given many players reason to question whether the developers are actually testing games nowadays and whether they are now relying on feedback from gamers to help them finish a game properly.

Yesterday Just Push Start wrote an article on the Max Payne 3 patch 1.02 out now on PlayStation 3 and highlights the fact that many fans have been complaining about multiple problems experienced throughout the game, and they are hoping that this will fix the current bugs including issues with modded lobbies. Although there is no word yet on what was changed, the 59mb patch is expected to sort the major issues and a change log from Rockstar is also expected over the next couple of days.

There has been some feedback mentioning some issues that have not been fixed in multiplayer hitting on spawning, freezing and abysmal loading screen times. Have you experienced any problems with Max Payne 3 after patch v1.02, or before?

  • Reversenocturnal

    While the problems do persist in multiplayer and a few in single player, gamers nowadays are like grown babies with how much they whine. And I’m sorry, but the audio bug happens three times or so during the whole story, not nearly enough to avoid single player altogether. You gamers are just a bunch of babies in adult’s clothing!

    • Someguy

      But considering how much this game costs and that no other game has this issue it isn’t acceptable, my audio just cut out in a crucial cut scene and I had to find it on youtube to stop me losing track of the story

  • Peter Gurney

    @ Reversenocturnal

    Mines froze 30% through the game and now it wont load. It froze my ps3 7 times in 5 hours. Loaded my other games and not 1 issue since. I think a baby would have stopped at 1 freeze dont you ??

    Otherwise than that the Mutliplayer is really Sh*t.  Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch or gang wars ( deathmatch ) or payne killer ( deathmatch ). Show some invention ffs Rockstar.

  • Jsinstevens

    How can developers release a $60 game with SOOOO many experience ruining bugs??  I believe I have only had 1 cut scene were the dialog didn’t cut out and so far I am at the end of chapter 4….  its like reading a book but every other page is blank!?!?  
    I’m at the end of chapter 4 and trying to watch the chapter end CS but 4 times out 5 my ps3 freezes at the same spot and the 1/5 times there is no audio…..
    this is unacceptable!!!  For days I have been trying just to get to chapter 5…days….how can you justify charging me $60 for a “broken” product??

  • derpderpderp

    worst glitch ive seen so far is people in multiplayer that cannot die. the guy claimed it was a glitch and not a hack, and ive seen two people do it so far. trying to join a game with a friend in your party has frozen my ps3 multiple times as well

  • Jason

    I can’t connect to a match. It says people are playing but all it ever does it create a game for me which no one can join. I waited half hour to an hour and nothing each time

  • Jmj131979

    Won’t load. Piece of crap. 60 buck and I get this glitchy freezing no sound crap.

  • Joseph

    I keep getting multiplayer problems. I can hardly get in a game, and it keeps removing me from any game that I do get it. It says “You were removed from the game due to connection problems.” I hope they can fix this problem as soon a possible.

  • Cesar_carranza27

    I have the same problem as Joseph I always get disconnected its annoying man !!!

  • Deanorulez123

    there is also a freeze when searching for a game it ust freezes but you can still talk to party members :L

  • BlueJello13

    Mine freezes at the end cutscene of chapter 5. Everytime on the same exact moment. Reloaded previous checkpoint, and the game plays perfect up to the exact moment that it previously froze. Also I lose audio in almost every cutscene. I don’t even know what happened at the end of the first 3 chapters or the beginning of chapter 4. I’m not whining but I would appreciate if I could at least play the game.

  • RezaAsadi

    In chapter 6, no matter how many times I push the x button, I can’t push the file cabinet in the burning building. It’s a shame.

    • Tom Esdaile Watts

      Triangle bro triangle

    • muffin

      I have the same problem.

    • Alexander_george92

      Did you managed to push over that cabinet?I have the same problem so If you solved that problem please tell me how

    • navneet

      same problem

  • Ltr_gorilla

    We need to go on strike eff these developers ther ripping us off over n over and were paying mad money for game this is Buncha bull crap n shows they didn’t hav testers. Look at how many glitchs ther r. Ther buncha cheap rats

  • Baulusje

    I’m unabl to lvl up in max Payne 3 multiplayer … I’ve gone from playing a day and hitting lvl 10 then closing the game and restarting it the next day to see I’m lvl 1 with no unlocks. What the )$&@

    • joke!!!

      lool sorry to hear that dude but I have had the same problem since the day it came out. Everything I do in multiplayer from creating classes to lvling up gets restarted to beginning. its so annoying because I have no audio throughout story mode either which I find is a joke. 

  • Tom Esdaile-Watts

    My game isn’t even loading correctly, it loads the first 2 disclaimer screens then goes Black! Managed to get It going by deleting game data utility … Played it up to the 2nd chapter part 4 and since it’s crashed I haven’t been able to get it going again… Love the game though pretty sick! Lookin forward to gta V!

  • Emmortal79

    yea man getting real tired of this audio cutting out on me during the cutscenes

  • TheTruthSerum

    Has anyone else found that they cant beat Milo Rego no matter how quick they are on the controls? 

  • Kennynah85

    During the helicopter scene – I can’t even move the reticule to save the lady. Anyone else encounter this problem?

    • Adamsedward

      same here dude on the scene where u break the glass it wont let me move circle to shoot the guy

  • MaxPainInTheAss

    Thats what all u idiots get, buying games on release is never a good idea. Lame ass RockStar fanboys, too bad Remedy didnt make this game it would of been much better.

  • VladO

    My game froze only once in chapter 9 and i think because my PS3 had overheat,i lose sometimes sound but only for 2 sec and about multiplaye it froze twice but because i have net connection TYpe:NAT2…NAT 1 is the best

    • Johnnypowell1984

      It got nothing to do with nat type 2 if you had nat type 3 then ou need to worry nat 1 nat 2 are pretty much the same

  • Jsinstevens

    @ MaxPainInTheAss
    So we are idiots now?  Heaven forbid we buy a game expecting to work….you absolutely right here….if only we had your high being of intelligence….maybe us idiots would have realized we shouldn’t ever buy something we like, especially when its released.  I mean we don’t want to blame the developers or anyone actually responsible for the creation of the game itself…..nope….its the consumer’s fault…most definitely!!  Wow thank you for your insightful and extremely intelligent post!!  Next time I will wait 2 years to buy a game I had loved for years….that’ll teach em!


  • Gjnocheetham

    Im selling mine, tis that bad

  • Jesus

    anyone elsein chapter to start losing soumd then seeing no walls and fall down the floor ???

  • ER

    the max pain game has been having audio problems and the screen going blank this needs to be fixed. Becuase i really enjoy playing the game. I’ve never played any of the max pain games and since i bought the game I really think its been an awsome game and rockstar did great at making it so please fix the problems and let people know when the patch will be out. Thnaks bjp.

  • Johnnypowell1984

    Still game is freezing up on my ps3 I been so close to snapping this game
    There are still mod lobbies after the patch why did ROCKSTAR release a game with so many bugs

  • Richard

    I have stopped buying games altogether because the quality of games these days is terrible. There seems to be a trend going on to rush games out the door and release a hundred patches a few months later, or never at all (fallout 3).