LucasArts game at E3 2012

With LucasArts set to reveal an unannounced title behind closed doors, we intrigued what game will be unleashed at E3 2012, and gamers have their own idea of what to expect, so we thought it would be worth looking through a few suggestions.

As we wait patiently for the upcoming E3 event, the secret title by LucasArts has been involved in many discussions on whether this will be the wanted Battlefront 3 title that has been on and off for a while now. This is the game that fans have been crying out for although other titles have been mentioned but none held in such high regard.

Speculation about what this title could be also mentions a sequel to Knights of the Old Republic, Xwing vs Tie Fighter, Jedi Knight VI, Republic Commando 2, and another Rogue Squadron game, yet there has been a rumor of Lucas Arts working on both a FPS and an Action Adventure, so maybe two titles might be on the cards. Those skeptical about what it could be refer to another outing for the Kinect and it seems that there won’t be much love for LucasArts if it is not Battlefront 3 or a decent Star Wars game.

A Star Wars related game will be expected although there is a big gap between previous SW titles that are loved and those that would not be welcomed with a sequel. In a recent article on EGM NOW, they echo the call for LucasArts to finally reveal Battlefront 3 and when an opportunity arose to ask them a question about whether this title will involve lightsabers, the answer was neither confirmed nor denied, so we now hope for a leak.

There has been a confirmation that LucasArts were using the Unreal 3 engine for a couple of games and an aerial combat title has been suggested, which could be X Wing vs Tie Fighter. Have you got your fingers crossed for news of Battlefront 3 at E3? Maybe you expect a new Jedi Knight game or a sequel to Knights of the Old Republic.

  • Tim

    You mean Battlefront 3

  • NIrwin

    there is no hope because battlefront is dead and lucasarts will not listen to our bull**** we come out of e3 with our heads held up high and we make lucasarts pay for what they have done to us. We will not buy ANYTHING from them!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Limbenny

    Yes, we will continue to boycott until Battlefront 3 is announced

  • Rhys

    how can they keep ignoring the outcry for battlefront 3??