Black Ops 2 is designed for everyone

Treyarch are starting to realize that not all gamers are after the same experience with the highly anticipated Black Ops 2 being designed with everyone in mind. This game’s three different play modes, campaign, multiplayer and zombies will offer various features that cater to different emotional states.

Mark Lamia from Treyarch spoke about these traits with the multiplayer being about the competitive and social experience, the campaign as a mode that you can feel fully immersed in, and apparently, a few added surprises in zombies will add more to this popular mode. Many will be expecting something different to the Call of Duty campaign and with Black Ops 2, gamers will find this a campaign that they are going to want to play.

Only a few days ago we wrote a piece on Minecraft’s rise up through the ranks as the second most played game on XBLA and that this gives cause for a Black Ops game to come out as soon as possible, as the second position was previously held by Call of Duty: Black Ops. It’s probably wishful thinking that this news could initiate more urgency about releasing the sequel earlier to obtain a top spot up there with the likes of Modern Warfare 3.

News that Call of Duty: Black Ops is being simultaneously developed for the PC and the console is reported by DSO Gaming, in which they discuss that this will not be a port. With more information expected about the PC version at E3, nothing of any substance has been revealed by Treyarch yet, other than news on a dedicated PC team working to ensure this is not a simple port from the console version.

Treyarch’s director of technology, Cesar Stastny answered a fans question concerning whether PC gamers would be getting a console port of Black Ops 2 by basically stating that this was not the case, and that a dedicated PC team are working at the same time with the other platforms. Furthermore, fans will be pleased to know that they are building the game from the ground up to catch out cheaters.

Do you think that Treyarch’s focus on designing Black Ops 2 for everyone will appeal to even larger audiences? What new features are you expecting?

  • Buy Asteroids

    Not a simple port to the PC, eh? Now where have I heard of that before?

    • Nzieli6486

      I feel ya man…. I have been a pc gamer for a long time! But treyarch really honestly cares about the community! Best cod on pc! But if you haven’t heard… BOPS2 has DX11 support! And IMO that’s a fresh start!

  • Christopher Greenwood

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  • Rob Shelby

    if they where to make it come out early just so they be the number 2 spot that is not sad no that is just pathetic really pathetic i wrote on the same article the brought up in here a few days ago saying how they need that spot that minecraft has saying it was sad this is just wow i would hope to god they would not do that because that would be the most selfish move i ever seen the whole gaming industry dose not revolve around cod their are so many other games that should have a shot at being the most played but no if it aint cod everyone will die who the hell cares if your not number 1 or 2 you had it for a long time its time for a change…i just cant take this article serious once i saw that i stopped reading you think minecraft is the most played now ohohoh wait for the updates and all the new stuff we are going to keep getting until we catch to pc