Play with Max Payne 3 creators until June 15

While it was obvious that Max Payne 3 was never going to compete with Diablo 3 in terms of anticipation, sales of these two titles have been swapping about but we can’t help feel that the former has had a much better start and has certainly been received very well. Then again Blizzard’s latest title was always going to be put under a larger microscope because of how long it has been in development. As a way to help bring the community of Max Payne 3 multiplayer players together you are able to play with the creators until June 15th.

That’s right you get a whole month to compete with those who developed the game (see their GAMERTAGS AND PSN IDs), but because they are busy they can only spare 2 to 3 hours of gameplay each day. We have already heard from some gamers about how much fun they had when beating a few of the devs; we’d like to know how many times you managed to slay a dev?

You can always count on Rockstar to give their fans a good time when they release a new game, such as introducing Social Club Multiplayer Events and competitions to win some awesome prizes. One prize was a “sleekly black-on-black matte’d out” games controller with some personalization added in for good measure.

Don’t worry about missing out on these prizes because we’re told that you will have another chance to win some soon, but we have also heard from some gamers who wish that Rockstar would release these controllers to the public – not sure that will happen though.

Reviews for MP3 have been pretty positive so far, there was a minor multiplayer issue at first but this was quickly resolved with a patch. One of the reasons why the game is proving popular is because the protagonist means business and he will feel the effects of all his efforts, unlike in the Uncharted games. Not only that but the Max Payne 3 weapons list is also something that has been appealing to the fans, but there’s no denying that a few more updates are needed to make this a truly remarkable game.