The best Diablo 3 character builds

With it being almost three weeks since fans got their hands on Diablo 3 some of you may be wondering what the best character builds are, although we are sure that there will be varying views on this. There’s a huge list of these and are all broken into 5 categories: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, and finally Wizard.

It’s from these characters that you can create some amazing character builds; if you look here you can see a choice of 26 in total, such as WTF Elementalist Wizard PVPPVE Build and Gott-Build. To help you decide you are given a great deal of information like Type, Actives and Passives. Each of these builds also has varying combos, elements and active skills.

If you are new to the Diablo series then we advise you to read over each of these character builds carefully before you begin the game that could keep you occupied for years to come – well if previous version are anything to go by that is. Having said that, now that the server issues are behind us the reviews are now starting to look pretty positive for the game, although it’s obvious that there are still one or two issues that Blizzard could fix when they release their first update.

Let’s say that Diablo 3 is the first game of the series for you then you may need some help in planning out that perfect character build, and we hope that the first video below will fill you full of insight before you make a bad choice. Here you will be informed about these different builds and there are also examples on why to choose each one.

The second video is a Diablo 3 Leveling Guide and runs for just over 7 minutes, and in that tine you get to see how a character will level up while going about their business, the only issue is that the quality is a little poor.

What character build have you decided on and why?


  • Fwiend

    All of the witchdoctor builds are useless in inferno. 3x PoisonDart / Pestilence LocustSwarm / 1 minute Soul Siphon / Healing Spirit Walk / Snare Wall of Zombies / 80% slow Grasp of the Dead, Spirit Vessel / Vision Quest / Pierce the Veil. Stack Int, Vit, Life Steal / regen / on hit / Magic Find is a very awesome spec