GTA 5 trailer 2 expected, so fans redesign first

The second GTA 5 trailer is expected before or after E3 2012, unlikely at the event, so some fans have remade the first one while they wait. We would have assumed that now Max Payne 3 is released Rockstar would generate interest with their upcoming title during the biggest gaming event of the year, but we know that they will be a no show this year.

Fans know that there has been a drought when it comes to news on Grand Theft Auto V, but we do know that trailer No.2 will be due anytime now because Rockstar announced a few months back that we will know more in a few months time – right about now then.

Going back to this trailer that has been put together by a German fan, what makes this so special is that it’s been done in the style of GTA San Andreas, so you get to see all the locations from the 2004 game. It’s been very cleverly done how the video was readjusted, which you can see for yourself below.

While it’s obvious that this video is amazing we now notice how much San Andreas has aged, but it’s clear to see that the fun gameplay is still there. Having said that we now need to look to the future and hope that Rockstar are able to deliver – what are we saying it’s Rockstar?

As yet we have no clue regarding GTA V’s release date, but recent rumors suggest October, which would be nice. We expect to hear from Rockstar pretty soon because they don’t want to try and compete with all the other developers during E3 as it’s much better that they do their own thing. We just hope that they share details on the cars that will be used, if we are now able to go into houses and also the official map size as it’s expected to be far bigger than previous games from the franchise.

When do you expect the second Grand Theft Auto V trailer to be released and what goodies will it reveal?


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  • OllieHull96

    They are way to cool for E3 they don’t need to prove themselves or try and sell people the game because everyone with more than 1 brain cell could tell you this is going to be an epic game and most likely the best one yet!

    Trailer 2 should be avalible very soon on the interent just keep checking every couple of days…

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  • Ferdinand

    This game will not be good if the main character is an old family man running the streets riding BMX bikes selling drugs and running from and killing cops and gangsters.. If this is the case as some rumors say the gay old man in the video named Albert de silva is the main character. Who wants to look at some 50 year old rich man sell drugs and hang out with the gang?? I will never forgive rockstar if it’s the case. I believe they will not release any more info about gta 5 because they know they messed up the main character and they dont wanna let the cat out da bag

    • Cole2k12

      Old guy in the trailer is Toni Cipriani



    • Shane86

      nah the guy running from the cops at the end of the trailer is meant to be the main character

  • Chris

    Hate how I check for leaks and new info all the time and then I click inentertainments links and I have already read about it.
    But on the up side of things, it looks like the next trailer is due very soon within the next 2 weeks


      Stop complaining. We are all human, but we humans are not thankful for what we have/had. We have to be happy about our positive things, that will make us a better more happier person. GTA 5 is coming out. Now be thankful for your gift.

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    GTA 5 is gonna be sh*t. We all know, its gonna suck. And it wont sell good, because they messed up the game. Why do you think there taking so long to release information? Because they messed it up. Rockstar is like Call Of Duty.. They release a shitty game every 4 years. Half ass storyline, crap graphics that alreadly should look ahead of its time by now, were in 2012, come on. And they have a star at the end of there name, so that makes them GAY! 

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      They’re not releasing any info until max payne 3 is released on the pc (june 1). After that then max payne 3 campain is over for good and they will show info around e3, whether they’re going to show up or not.

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    CHICO VIALPANDO might be a badass guy. Seems like they did a lot of backtracking and pulled this mother fucker from a side character that no one noticed, I mean come on CJ sister son? Wtf mate. But other than that game looks great max payne gameplay with cars and huge playground. Sounds like another game of the year. They haven’t made a bad game yet, well manhunt but I can see them remaking there mistake.

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  • Zeeshan Imtiazi

    I thought was looking for actual 2nd trailer of GTAV! whattajip!!

  • Ncsflorida

    I say October-Febuary at this point. Second trailer should arrive soon hopefully.

  • Uchenna

    The next trailer will likely feature aspects of a few of the game missions. To give the consumer a feel of what to expect from the game.

  • micky-eire

     i feel as if the next trailer is gonna be the one that features the release date , thats why R* are waiting to release the 2nd Trailer. Cannot Wait for this game :)

  • hamboy

    How many GTA V articles with no substance or new information are going to appear on this site before the game launches?