Skyrim 1.6 patch notes, inspecting the fixes

Earlier today we wrote about how generous Bethesda was with the little extras they provide via updates, and that included the mounted combat you get as a new feature in Skyrim patch 1.6. Now we wanted to focus on the patch notes and what bug fixes they included, bearing in mind these are the notes for the beta so some changes still might be added, and we’d also love to hear about any bugs you’re experiencing that are not on the fix list.

The first thing that PC users will notice (Xbox 360 and PS3 users have to wait for the update) is that the general stability of Skyrim has been vastly improved, along with better memory optimizations as well. Bethesda has also resolved the issue with data leaks and crash issues, which were the result of lighting, loading and saving games, along with summoned creatures/NPCs.

Also in the patch notes we can see that the developer got to work on some of the problems associated with the kill cams, in some cases there were issues when killing a dragon and not playing correctly. Then there was the problem with using your bow as the damage was not being calculated accurately. For those with eagle eyes they would have noticed that water would often look blurry in Skyrim, so you’ll be pleased to know that this has also been resolved.

There have been reports that even after Skyrim update 1.6 there are still a number of issues and it seems that fans are now starting to grow tired, with some gamers suggesting that Bethesda should not add in any new features until they have resolved all the problems with the game itself.

In most cases the game works fine but we do know that there are still a few issues, which should be expected with such a big game. Bethesda are doing their best to rectify these issues and are even giving stuff for free, how many other developers do that? For the full patch notes visit Bethesda Blog.

Once again what bugs are you experiencing that are not on the patch notes.

  • LuceBree

    I have little to complain about, with the exception of overused loading screens, i understand the necessity of them towards large cities, but don’t understand why some buildings have multiple interior loading sections. 

    I think its good that Bethesda are adding content with the last and upcoming update though, most companies would charge use a ridiculous amount for such small (but game-making) differences, sometimes even as DLC, *Cough* Capcom *Cough* Bioware.

    i have stopped playing Skyrim (Finally) in order to play Dragon’s Dogma, at least until ‘Dawnguard’….

    • LuceBree

      I lied, i’m back on Skyrim…this time with an evil nordic vampire who strips his victims and stacks their bodies on-top of one-another, basically corpse-jenga (Did i spell that right?

      Anyway yea, awesome game, but even better with use of your own imagination, or if you have no imagination download some mods (which were supposedly coming to consoles).

  • Djgaunt66

    I love Skyrim. But the game becomes very annoying at times. I like to travel on foot everywhere. Sometimes even traveling from Riften to Solitude, I will run into 2 or 3 creatures or thieves to fight. the world seems incredibly bare at times. (as I have killed everything.) Ruins I have cleared months ago are still bare. I had to buy all the houses and sleep in each hold for 30 in game days just to have something to fight. I recently ran up huge bounties in various holds so I can have a little action with the guards. Now all the guards are dead, and the holds bare. there is no challenge. and with no challenge, there is no reason to play. LVL 65 with no exploits. playing on master level.

    • Thefrozenone

       Start a new game…

    • Flipfo4

      i’m level 81 and i find things to do! stop makeing Bethesda shove content down your throat and actually have an imagination!

      • Falcon D. Stormvoice

        Exactly. Bethesda RPGs should always be played half in your head.

    • Falcon D. Stormvoice

      There are actually too many creatures and people to fight in the game. I should be able to walk from one city to another sometimes without fighting something. How do the average people of Skyrim conduct their business with the roads and wild places teeming with evil? How can this land support this many wolves?

      Skyrim is more than a combat arena, it’s a world. Challenging fights are not the point of the game.

  • Randy2utoo

    Hope new patch fixes ‘The Dainty Load’ as can’t finish Thieves Guild’ and become leader. Erikur still shows in the ocean and can’t start this quest

    • Taylor

      This happens to A LOT of people.
      Yay for pathfinding and holes in the middle of a city

  • Ace_Man

    Derkeethus won’t come out of the cave. Says I have to to kill a dragon at mount anthor that I’ve killed 10 times. Have to kill a hagraven at dead crone rock and can’t be completed. Says I need to visit the college of winterhold and I’m the archmage. I know there’s like 3 more things. That aside, I really hope they put first person view on the horse, I hate riding horses because of 3rd person. Also Oblivion was a big game (though not as great as Sourin), it was never patched and I never once ran into a glitch or bug.

    • Ace_Man

      Skyrim* stupid phone…

    • Djgaunt66

       Oblivion was patched many, many times. You must have bought the greatest hits version, with the patches on the disk.

  • Evil Betty

    I wish the consoles would get “console” command capabilities.  I hate picking up quest items and not being able to force drop them.

    I picked up King Olaf’s Verse before Viarmo at the bard’s college told me to find it.  Now after I attend the burning ceremony (which should complete the quest line) “investigate the bard’s college” remains in the “to do” part of the journal and the pointer just floats over Viarmo’s head, but there’s nothing more to do.

    I also have Gallus’ encoded journal stuck in my inventory from the thieves guild quest line.

  • Aaron

    Two things, top of MY list.

    1. Myself, as well as a LOT of other people cannot finish the quest “Visit the College of Winterhold”, even *after* visiting the college and completing quests from the there. When tracking the quest, there’s an arrow over the head of Nirya, but she offers no dialog to complete the quest.

    2. FOLLOWERS (particularly Lydia) WILL NOT USE THE BOWS I GIVE, she will only use the default bow. AND I cannot give her anything directly, I have to throw it on the ground and tell her to pick the item up, which often results in the item being considered “stolen” even if I crafted the item myself.

    • Aaron

      Forgot to mention I’m playing on PS3

  • Kim Jolicoeur

    I’d like to be able to attack WITH my horse.

    Standing still while on a horse and pushing the jump button makes the horse rear. If I have a wolf in front of me I’d like the rearing to cause damage.

    I find that if I go explore before doing any quest more bugs pop up. Like the game is fully open only if you don’t do quests.
    My first playthrough, I didn’t explore too much as I was only doing quests, of any kind, but almost no exploring. I would “discover” a location for the only purpose of fast travelling closer to a destination without ever going in.
    I encountered 0 quest bugs.

    For my second playthrough I did the opposite. I explore and I only do quests to get a weapon or a spell/power I need, such as werewolf, which I use for melee combat with my pure mage along with the ring of Hircine. Doing this I didn’t encounter many quest bugs, but sill more than my first playthrough when I was playing “by the book”.

    • Flipfo4

      dude…………..stfu how much more do you want?

      • Trawlin

        If you actually read it, there was only two things he wanted.

        Being able to attack with his horse.
        And fixing some of the quest bugs.
        More than fair.

  • Mahendra

    I’m hoping they’ll fix the pink firewood that the HD texture pack made . . . . but given the choice between having my firewood look right and having a chance to try mounted combat . . . pink doesn’t look so bad after all :)

  • shark

    I cant get into mzulft with my level 76 character which sucks because that means that I cant get the last dragon mask from Labyrinthian.  I already got screwed by killing the dog and had to start over ( level 26 character to get all my trophies ) but I really dont want to have to find all the dragon masks with him  because I am still short about 9 stones of Berenziah.  Playstation 3.

  • Vishal_lodhia

    I load my game and it doesnt go past the loading screen. I have freed up as much data as possible but this doesnt work. Please help!!!!

    • Rabb

       Did you happen to install the latest catalyst profiles app?

  • Falcon D. Stormvoice

    If people want Bethesda to wait until “all” issues are fixed, they can wait until 20 years from now. No game half Skyrim’s size will be 100% bug free, ever.

    If you are still having an issue that keeps you from enjoying the game, I feel for you. But at this point, with patch 1.6, the game is really as stable as any game. And any game will have some bugs for some people.

  • frog

    Well, for one, my dragons are gone.
    Their treasure respawns, but they don’t. I get one random dragon about every 10-15 earth hours. Other than that, I’m happy with the game. I’ve passed 150 hours in my second playthrough, and there’s still plenty of fun to be had – broken quests and all.

  • Taylor

    My biggest problems in terms of bugs are:
    Path finding getting an NPC in the middle of nowhere (Much like Erikur going into the weird place that’s the lake but still reached through Solitude).
    Stray Dogs being told to wait and disappearing if you leave the area for a second.
    And when you have all 4 alchemy effects for two given ingredients that are completely different, but it’s not darkened (It’s more of a personal problem but I’d appreciate that soooo much if it’s possible)
    Oh, I use Xbox 360

  • Pistol

    Does anyone else have an issue with the Revealing the unseen quest?
    It never activated for me; Does this patch fix that issue? (xbox)

  • 0zma

    blood on ice need to drop the strange amulet thought you guys were professionals maybe you should get capcom to do all the hard work 4 u