Skyrim DLC plans hint at skill book

It’s hard to tell exactly how Bethesda work when they are making future Skyrim DLC plans, although the growing number of trademarks being registered are starting to cause a lot of speculation among gamers, which some of the ideas seem pretty spot on.

The reason we’ve used an image on this page of a conjuration skill book is thanks to this being related to the latest Skyrim trademark, which is for the term “Hearth Fire” and having spent over 400 hours in Skyrim, like many of our readers, I can tell you this is a skill book you find in the last room in Rimerock Burrow, although we are aware it can be found in other locations like in Dawnstar at the Mortar and Pestle shop.

Now this could just be Zenimax and Bethesda protecting any future ideas they have on the table for Skyrim, especially with DLC. We know the first downloadable content is named Dawnguard, and is expected to release on the Xbox 360 first in the summer, although an exact date is yet to be announced. You can see official details on the Hearth Fire trademark via this page.

We’ve spoken in the past about various trademarks being registered to protect Skyrim, which included Fus Ro Dah, and Dragonborn. If this is an effort to stop other developers from creating spin-off software that tries to gain from Skyrim’s popularity, then it’s a good idea in our book considering how much work goes into creating The Elder Scrolls and the best experience possible for the gamer.

If these trademarks are clues towards future Skyrim DLC, then we’d love to hear your ideas on that.

  • anonymous

    hearth fire is a month in the world of skyrim when the psijic monks do some ritual that would be my guess

    • N51

      Could also have something to do with the Thieves Guild as Hearthfire 8th is Nocturnal’s Summoning Day.

  • Mjmiron

    I think that there is going to be some quest with this book that leads to a huge reward.

  • Steve Stevenson

    Doesn’t matter, Dragon’s Dogma is way better than Skyrim.

  • NunyaBusiness

    Its really too bad that 0% of anything on Skyrim DLC doesn’t amount to “OMG THIS IS A THING MAYBE…probably…hopefully?” I’ll be in line to get the DLC whenever, you know, we can get a little actual news about the subject. 

    That in mind, good article with so little to work with.

    And yeah, I’m with anonymous on this one: whether or not they actual do something else with the psijic monks is up for debate, but they definitely should.

  • Rozcko

    Hearthfire is a month in tes not just a skillbook

  • anonymous

    thank you Rozcko for your illuminating comment no one else had figured that out

  • Mystic_Knight

    Dragon’s Dogma is the new king of console open-world rpgs…

  • Nickschoo

    The combat in dragons dogma was awesome. Besides that, the game sucked ass.

  • TNovelist

    Hi Daniel.

    Because “Heath Fire” is the title of a series of 12 books, which are about the last months & days of the first Era (and the first day of the 2nd Era) its probably something about TES Online – not Skyrim. Thats because “Heath Fire” takes place in the year 1E2920 – the last year of the first era. Versidue Shaie will taking over the Imperial Throne and the dragon fires will be no more, als long as Shaie will rule (that’s the exact time frame implied by the TES Online Teaser). So, with all probability: This registered “Heath Fire” Thingy has nothing to do with Skyrim.

  • arnold

    Hearthfire could be something really important, as important as “fus ro dah” and “dragonborn”, or just a important title as “dawnguard”. Or it could be like the below reader said, nothing to do with skyrim.

    My guess? Some form of brand new power? More powerful than dragon shouts? Or a powerful arch enemy to the last dragonborn?

    By the way, dragon dogma sucks. Watch the gameplay. Never want to play it.

    • Lewis Whateley

      I actually have it, and Dragon’s Dogma it great! (^^)/

      (I am Japanese though, which may explain why I like the Monster Hunter-esque game :))

  • A Casey97

    Unless Hearth Fire is something for Elder Scrolls Online (A very good suggestion by someone further down/up), then I think it WILL be DLC. I mean, why trademark a simple book name? If they trademark that, then wouldn’t they trademark every other book in the game? No, I think this is something very significant, if not DLC.

  • Unknownhelpers

    Why dont they make skyrim dlc for ps3 that is messed up and pc. Pc is is better then Xbox and ps3 pc has modsso make a dlc for ps3 post this all over skyrim walls and stuff