Skyrim mounted combat shows generosity

With details of Dawnguard still a little thin on the ground it’s nice to see that Bethesda finally gave us what we wanted and that’s Skyrim mounted combat, which to us and fans shows generosity, something that many other franchises would charge for. The reason we say this is because the recent 1.6 update brought this feature to Elder Scrolls V for free.

The developer has an habit of making Skyrim better and not even charging for it, you only have to look at the Xbox 360 Kinect support to understand just what we mean. Bethesda are playing the long game here though because they know that a huge percentage of users have now moved onto other games since buying Skyrim, so by offering new features for free will reunite fans with the game once more – well they’re curious to see what all the fuss is about.

Some fans would suggest that Skyrim was not finished when released and should have been delayed until all these features were brought in, but that’s silly as games like this are always a work in progress and are never truly finished, which means that if we listen to some gamers then Skyrim should never have been released in the first place. However, we also understand that certain things within a game should never be allowed to go on so long without being resolved, such as the lag issues.

What confuses us is the fact that there are still certain gamers who will complain about Skyrim even though Bethesda are giving them such updates for free – it’s as if they’re never pleased – how do you feel about this? Then again we can understand why other gamers were confused why the developers left mounted combat out in the first place because it made horse riding pointless – well unless you wanted to get to your next quest a little sooner maybe but where is the fun in that?

This makes us wonder what other gems Bethesda will be offering down the line instead of just seeing what those with the creation kit are able to do with their multitude of mods?

What do you think the best weapon will be while mounted on a horse and how easy would it be to shoot an arrow?
One thing is certain though gameplay has now been improved and this latest update is just a stepping stone until the Skyrim DLC is released a little later this year.


  • Paquito Santos

    i think that bethesda is doing a really good job and nobody should complain cause no one is perfect and that the game is a master peice

    • Stomper

      The most broken game ever!! You shouldn’t have to wait for patchs to fix a released game. The game should be released once the game is running with out any problems.
      I have the game installed on my HD yet it has locked up at least thirty times so far, im just about done with 367 hours in the game but come on, thirty lockups?
      Bethesda needs to learn about quality control. I can deal with a few problems in a game but this game is over the top with problems. this is why i never pre order games anymore as you have to wait for a patch to play the game anyway.

      • Lordblackheart

        Then no games would ever be released and not every problem can be found before release( lockups could be down to over heating

        • Guest

          “Not every problem can be found before release” That is a true statement, but you don’t need more than three hours of playing before you notice MANY bugs. Including massive amounts of lag, freezing, dragons flying backwards, the game freezing when submersing yourself in water. The list goes on. My point is, they should have never released a game with these kinds of problems. I think they were too dead set on the whole 11/11/11 thing. And don’t get me wrong, Skyrim is one of my favorite games of all time.

          • Lewisbatten

            Then don’t buy it on pc. I’m guessing you have a pc as all the whiners who complain about how it’s not good enough usually do. I have it on Xbox and its pretty much flawless apart from a few usual bugs that are to be expected from such an immensely vast and intensely contented game. Never had a dragon fly backwards, never seen a flying horse etc etc. maybe if people stop messing around with mods and changing the game then it would work a bit better.

          • Guest

            I’m not whining, nor do I have the game on PC. And if you refer to my quote up there, I am simply stating that the bugs I listed are very easy to come across. And the game should have been delayed until the majority of the major bugs were fixed. And I also said they probably didn’t do this because of the fact that they were dead set on the 11/11/11 release date. And again if you ALSO read what I said above you will read that I love the game and it is one of my favorites. So try and read the comments before you make a pointless reply.

          • Logginsintheboggins

            Listing problems = whining sorta.

          • Guest

            So every person who has ever said something was negative in a critical manner is a whiner? If that’s true then everybody is a whiner. If so, I can accept that.

          • Guest #2

            When i read Guest’s comments I here it in the voice of an 8 year old CoD addict crying over being told to get a life. WHA WHA Wha

          • Satan Loves You

            You kinda are whining. The only glitch Ive ever experienced is occasionally water will disappear. The current effect is still there and you still have to swim, but the water is invisible. And this only happens to me once in awhile. To me, that’s no big deal, although i have heard of the rare questline breaking bug. Some bugs like that are difficult to identify and fix, and if it came out late, people like you would be bitching even more. Just suck it up and deal with it.

  • Gengstapo

    They should add option for Mages to built/ customize their choosen staff
    All the best Bethesda!

  • W B F E

    I have been playin tes since red guard n I’m only 22 the series has come along way on pc n consoles there are things we all want intes and things we want ourselves I believe Bethesda are great and are doing there bit for rpg games lets just enjoy the little things :) I think people cry because they have very little else to do plus expect way to much outta a game but that’s also a good thing :) it means we all still have an imagination keep it up Bethesda

  • Brian

    im tired of skyrim. i went back to fallout NV because there is way more ways to kill your enemy like a pistol for this guy and a rocket for this one. whole lot of bad guys comming over this way, no problem i huck a few genades and lay a few mines while i whip out my sniper. what has skyrim got, sword, axe, mace, greatsword, battle axe, war hammer, bow, and a array of clearly leveled spells that yo dont use because there is a better one. who uses flames when they got fireball right?

  • Ihatetheuneducated

    Punctuation and grammar. Two things the writer severely lacks. That’s more upsetting than the bugs in the game.

  • Carlitodls

    Sorry but how hard is it to add mounted combat? I mean I love skyrim but I already have 2 lvl 68 accounts… I don’t wanna play again just cuz you can FINALLY fight on a horse? My characters run faster than the horses so what the use. :(

    • Akshay Venkatesh

      It takes a lot of programming. You need to add a lot of animations, add new scripts, program new elements, etc… It was after 2 years in oblivion that a mod came out to add mounted combat. It was rather generous of Bethesda to even add it. Woudl activision ever do such A thing? I think not.

      • Carlitodls

        Yeah, I guess I’m just a little butt hurt over the whole kinect update, I was looking forward to I for so long then it ended up not working to well.. I kno will take a lot of animation files but you’d think with a game like skyrim it would be no biggy… I just cant wait for the fox to come out

  • Carlitodls

    And another thing.. has anybody who uses the kinect voice capability ever been on a big mission then all of the sudden you say something to someone In and all the sudden you shout randomly?? Lol it happened so much I don’t even use the kinect anymore.. kind of dumb! :)

  • homeboymatt69

    Best game ever! Everyone complains about its broken and they don’t play it but its funny they are here on the blogs reading and talking crap about it! This game works fine for me and I only had 2 bugs in the whole hundreds of hours i played it. Glad it works for me and mounted combat sounds great! I even see some complaining about that. Those people will never be happy. I never even use horses cause its a pain to get off them and fight. I will now tho! Makes the game more realistic! Can’t wait! 

  • Akshay Venkatesh

    Well I have tried the beta, and so far it runs smoothly as soon as I removed two animation files in my folder (search for how to fix the standing still problem to know what I mean). I will give a rundown on how it works. You CAN use two handed weapons and bows, but magic and staffs are out. I guess because that would be a real pain to even program and I can see why, since it is hard to aim.

    Two handed weapons are pretty good to use as well as one-handed, but the difference is that your stamina will run-down faster and you can not attack without stamina on horseback. You can attack from one side only, so dual-wielding is completely out, but it does not matter anyways. As for added game-value, now it is possible charge into forts and other places full of enemies with that huge ass daerdic longsword you own and leave without having to take potions, if your timing is good enough. Otherwise noobs will end up with a dead horse and enemies surrounding them. 
    As for archery, it works well enough and aiming is not too much of a problem. I have been able to shoot without stopping, but aiming is really hard. It is a good feature if you want to just get rid of some stupid wolf that is harassing shadowmere.As for fighting dragons, it suprisingly works. Now it is easier to dodge their flame attacks, shoot them from a distance and charge at them with your weapons.

  • Theosbornia

     epic, can’t wait to try out the crossbows (soon to be added) while riding on shadowmere 😀 😀 😀