FIFA 13 pre-release interview

Today we get to find out exactly what football fans can expect from FIFA 13 before its release date in September this year, and considering we’ve put hundreds of hours into the 2011 game, we couldn’t wait to find out as well. Will we see more problems with referee decisions, and how will the balance be between wrong decisions and making the game feel realistic?

In a video that runs for just under 4 minutes David Rutter, FIFA 13 producer, explains what we can expect. You can see the video below this article in high definition.

The big thing they wanted to do this year is create more unpredictability and drama in the game, and when you think about real football and what has been happening this year, Rutter explains they wanted FIFA 13 to feature those out-of-the-seat moments. They managed this in “two exciting ways“, said Rutter, with “loads of attack and intelligence and a new dribbling system called complete dribbling“. On the other side creating a “true battle for possession with features built on top of the player impact engine this year, which includes a lot of pushing and pulling“.

There is a new first touch control system and the game is driven by a database of skills and talents, so certain players will be harder to tackle, and those in lower leagues will find it harder to keep possession of the ball. They’re hoping this latest edition will make the game feel more realistic than FIFA 12, and in the video below Rutter explains in more detail exactly how this is being done.

After watching David Rutter explain all the FIFA 13 changes in the video, let us know if you are happy with his comments.