Latest Mass Effect 3 improvements and fixes

If you’re a Mass Effect 3 owner then you’ll be happy to learn that BioWare has not only introduced a number of improvements and fixes to the game, but also a new Rebellion Pack DLC as well. Starting with the new content first it comes packed with new maps, weapons, characters and a completely different objective mode all of which are free if you redeemed an Online Pass.

This is the same DLC that had been leaked a few weeks ago and all of what we reported seems to be true, even down to fighting on two new fronts in the multiplayer expansion. While this new content is great for fans it still won’t appease those gamers who are waiting on the big summer DLC, which is said to resolves a few issues with the ending, even though certain gamers feel there is no reason to make any changes.

To help wet your appetite for this new DLC with its 6 new characters, 2 new maps and 3 new weapons then check out the video below.

BioWare are working hard to improve Mass Effect 3 because yesterday they released patch 1.03 on the PC, those with the PS3 and Xbox 360 version will have to wait until May 31st. We’re being told that this is not the final patch and if there are still a few things that needs to be fixed then this will be addressed at a later date, maybe ahead of that summer DLC.

There are a huge number of fixes for problems that affected all platforms and just a handful for platform specific issues, all of which can be viewed in great detail here. One of the fixes that you will notice the most is where the audio would often be out of sync to a characters mouth – much like a dubbed movie.


  • Corbin Allen

    Did the patch fix the ending?  Or Tali’s face? 


    No news here.   Move along, nothing to see. 

  • guest

    i’ve always wanted to see tali’s face but once i saw it i was upset. the face itself was fine but i think i like not knowing what they look like better