Squandering Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.2 opportunity

When a new game is released in most cases there are always issues that needs to be resolved and Diablo 3 was no exception, and we’re not talking about those server problems at launch. Blizzard has been hard at work trying to make a number of fixes, but it seems as though they have been squandering the opportunity they had with Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.2.

The reason we say this is because the servers went down the moment the patch went live, which meant that thousands of fans were left feeling a little disappointed once again. Blizzard really do need to get their house in order because there does seem to be a pattern emerging with their servers – not good when you have to have an always on Internet connection to play the game.

Going back to Patch 1.0.2 one of the biggest changes you will notice is there will no longer be Error 14009 when logging into Diablo 3, and you will now receive your credit correctly for the “Till Death Do Us Part.” Achievement. There have also been a number of improvements made to some of the classes and the Auction House.

Blizzard knows that this game is a working progress and as such has already announced that they are now working on Patch 1.0.3, which is said to bring a greater balance to the overall game.

No matter what great things the developer has done with this latest patch there are certain gamers who feel that these connection issues are getting beyond the joke, we received a few emails where in some cases they had tried to play the game at least five or six times but were unable to log in.

This has got much serious is South Korea as there is now an investigation going on regarding gamers in that country wanting their money back because of these server issue, do you feel they are in their right to have their money back for Diablo III?

  • Rmuzz

    The message from the big-money games industry is… lower your expectations (but pay more)

  • http://twitter.com/JackMohack Jack E Mabry Jr

    I like the game but this is really starting to @@^&## me off.  It’s making me start to notice other things like how short the game is for how long they worked on it.

  • Seanclose

    I guess i’ve been lucky, i’ve not had any log in issues. i did only get to play it 2 days then my computer died an took over a week to fix had no issues then or now. Also i dont think the game is that short. I’ve clocked 24 hours with my Wizard and at the end now. Thats only normal difficulty. Still got 3 other difficulties to get through with 4 other classes. You do the math.

    • Seanclose

      Although granted a few of those hours will be idle time and re-runs of areas for gold/exp farming.

  • Yankerntor

    I always ave the server log in issue, error 73…blizzard won’t be getting a penny of my money again