Skyrim Dawnguard trailer is live

You can now watch the official Skyrim Dawnguard trailer right on this page, below the article, which shows just what most of us already knew and that is Vampires vs. The Dawnguard. Turn your speakers up loud and watch this introduction to the first Skyrim DLC, which sadly comes to the Xbox 360 first rather than on all platforms for the benefit of all gamers.

We can finally get back to Skyrim after having an extended break after putting in well over 400 hours, so we’ll be one of the first players finding out what all the fuss is about. Some people didn’t think Skyrim would take this path for the first DLC, although it has a nice gritty atmosphere, which we hope is explained in more detail at E3 2012.

All we can say is Bethesda keep up the good work, and we look forward to using the crossbows. Leave your comments about the Skyrim Dawnguard trailer; are you surprised, happy, shocked, or just plain disappointed? While we keep hearing that the downloadable content will be coming to the Xbox 360 for 1600 Microsoft points, it would be good for the developers to talk about the other platforms as well. Let us know your thoughts on the timed exclusive with Microsoft, considering it’s just a month are you that bothered?


  • Kim Jolicoeur

    I can’t watch the trailer in my current location, but that screenshot makes me salivate… in my pants. 

  • Mark_nebo

    I didn’t see spears.. I heard they might have them. 

  • Tallyman234

    at first i thought they were going to show the snow elf prince in this dlc but with all the other stuff that will be in it i say its alright besides this probably isnt going to be the only dlc and i think that we may see the prince in the next elder scrolls but thats what i hypothesise

  • Tallyman234

    as said frecken awsome but i hope that someone will consider a hybread form between lyconthrope and vamperisim in the next game fingers crossed. 😉

  • Darksider4624

    do you get to play as one of the demons??????????

    • Dionysus

      Yes, you can play as a Vampire Lord. 😀

  • Dupeycolin

    I’m just so happy that Bethesda has actually added another story to the game. I personally love the whole Vampire, Lycanthrope, Vampire Hunter rivalry. I can’t wait to play this new DLC. To Bethesda I say Well done! 

  • Black marsh

    In my opinion i think you have the choice to either be a dawnguard or a demon, if you are a dawnguard you probably get a crossbow along with other various items, and if your a demon than your a demon, but i hope the whole eternal darkness bit where the sun goes to eclipse is not permenant as i do not want it to effect the asthetics of the origonal gameplay

  • Mystery Blade

    I Personally dislike what they’ve done with there first DLC, i thought they would have done something connected to the great storyline or mysteries of skyrim, like what happened to the dwemers or go back in time and relive the story of the 500 companions of ysgarmore, but i might be wrong and this might be a brilliant DLC, only time will tell

  • Smith Joe103

    OMG I CANNOT WAIT VAMPIRES 😀 this will make vampires actually worth playing not pointless i seriously cannot wait also it looks like they have added new dragon fighting technic s (cant spell soz) but i really cant wait :) so being a vampire 😀

  • Scottyhas18

    I wonder if having Beast Blood will affect whether you can join the Vampires or not or if you will be stuck with Dawn Guard.  Will you maybe be able to have beast and vampire blood?  Maybe you will have to make a new choice..

  • Chris

    This dlc looks really cool but I think I’ll be a vampire hunter since Im already a werewolf
    But I wouldn’t mind going back in time to see what happen to the dewmer or being a snow elf before they became the falmor or there should be a dlc were you have your own kingdom
    Or realm

    • Dionysus

      Pssst Altmer Dunmer Bosmer Dwemer Falmer Manmer Orismer. There all elves :3

  • GimmePatches!

    I’m not happy about this DLC.. I want to have the choice to oppose or join the Thalmor. I personally don’t use my werewolf abilities and being a vampire just gets annoying. I’d be happier with more patches to my existing lvl 81 profiles and some more unique inventory tbh. PATCH my broken quests! I want my Hercine artifact and i want to kill potema!

  • brave1

    im excited about this dlc i was waiting till i got stronger to be a vampire but since this dlc coming our right when its released for ps3 i will become a vampire and everyone shall fear me haha

  • Sfljkhg

    anyone else notice your wearing an elder scroll on your back at the beginning