Skyrim DLC trailer: 5 things you might have missed

Within the last few hours we posted the official Skyrim DLC trailer, which gave us a taste of what to expect when the first downloadable content arrives this summer, but what did you really see within this tease? Here is what we found, but for those of you that have not seen the video check it out here.

Towards the end of the Skyrim Dawnguard trailer you can see Whiterun, which showed the daytime with a bright sun, although there is a hint of darkness as the sky starts to darken but then quickly changes to the Dragonborn, so we couldn’t see anymore. This might mean you can jump between a dark realm in Skyrim and the normal state, or it could also mean that you have a choice to make and if you side with the vampires Skyrim will be forever dark to you.

Did you see the red dragon that can dive underwater in the trailer? These are not normally unique, so being able to smash through the ice and go under water means dragons get unique abilities in the Skyrim DLC, or there are some changes being made. Let us know what you think of this?

When playing Skyrim you might have noticed that not everyone can read the Elder Scrolls, and there are safeguards in place, which the monks bypass and wear blindfolds when not “divining the scrolls“. The retired Moth Priests are even permanently blind, but there are those from prophecy that are able to see unencrypted writing from the Elder Scrolls without the problems monks face. You can see in the trailer that the Dragonborn can read the Elder Scrolls, so this must have some meaning for the Dawnguard DLC. We’d expect some tasks to be performed before this is made possible in the Skyrim DLC.

We spoke about a dark realm you might have to choose from, or given the option of jumping between light and dark realms, and if you look at the trailer you’ll see a horse with blue fire, which can be mounted. This looks pretty cool, so let’s hope we hear more at E3. We also saw some horse back combat, already in Skyrim patch 1.6, so it’s expected that the horse with blue fire will also be mounted with combat ability.

When I first started playing Skyrim it wasn’t easy taking out a giant, and at first the best way we found was to use a bow and arrow and keep running away until we killed them. Obviously things got easier as we learned more and upgraded our skill tree, or found better weapons, but in the Skyrim DLC you’ll also get to battle vampire giants, did you see them teeth in the trailer.

These are five things we noticed, but we’d love to hear what you think of the above and also anything else you noticed in the trailer?

  • Zacharydeffenbaugh

    im pretty sure that vampire lord was going really really fast so maybe even some upgrades to vampires as a whole cause lets be honest youre far stronger not being a vampire one thing i truly hated about this game and i went to great lengths to find a mod that made vampires actually fun to play as

  • Albinobob212

    It’s not a vampire giant… It’s an ice giant. There was one in the morrowind expansion bloodmoon named karstaag. Dlc on solstiem?

  • Ttttttt

    poop in face

  • Kim Jolicoeur

    I noticed the vampire form will be a power, like Werewolf, and the flying seems to stay just above ground, making this capability a simple increase in movement speed, again like the werewolf.
    I assume there will be silver weapon-forging.
    I didn’t see the blue fire horse, but I assume it is a summoned mount. My guess is that this spell is for the Dawnguard, not the vampires.

    Finally, I notice you didn’t mention in your post that you played Skyrim for 400 hours, and that I really want this content.

    Question: Will I need to roll another character, or does the new vampire feature apply to a level 45 werewolf?  

  • Erokiser

    I noticed that ther is a new set of weapons being used in a scene aginst a falmer and an unkown bandit that almost look like were, dare i say it, made frome dragon bones.

  • Quadkon

    Looks like there was a crossbow too =D

  • Roy

    you can also change your appearance and gender, but not your race, in the Riften thieves guild with the Dawnguard dlc.

  •!/MatteottiSmith Matty_smith_94

    I wonder if the level cap is increased past 81? Since there is a new vampire skill tree, I assume so!