Diablo 3 Witch Doctor: Issues with character

Now that fans have got to grips with playing Blizzard’s latest game there seems to be a consensus when it comes to pointing out issues with a certain character, as they believe that in Diablo 3 the Witch Doctor seems a little out of place when compared to the other classes. The idea of having a spiritual warrior who would rather conjure creatures to do their bidding instead of slaying their foe themselves doesn’t sit right with a huge number of gamers.

Many Diablo 3 fans would rather take a longsword and slay the enemy instead of what the Witch Doctor does, and depending who you ask some gamers would suggest that he does not even fit in with the mechanics of the class. It’s clear to see that players of the game are divided because we have been told that the Witch Doctor is the best of all the classes and seems to fit perfectly in a world that relies on the spirits.

We suppose the issue that some fans have with the WD is all the other classes have a medieval feel to them, which is more than we can say for the Witch Doctor – Having said that, the Monk would not fit either. The thing is we all have varying tastes and if all these classes were similar in their look and how they go about their business then the choices would not be as important.

While it’s easy to complain about the Witch Doctor you have to look for the positives, and it’s clear to see that he/she is very unique, wise, mellow and has a great insight when it comes to most things. It’s not always about brawn; battles take a certain amount of intelligence and can often be much better when approached intellectually.

Do you feel that the Witch Doctor is gimmicky or is this class important to Diablo III?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ming-Ko/100000995233100 Ming Ko

    Whomever wrote this article never played Diablo 2 with a Necromancer.

  • Popwarenjoi

    I’ll just continue assuming by fans you mean you and the rest of the crew at inentertainment.

  • Sufi

    I love my WD, it’s a fun class to play.  And by fans, do you mean the people you’re talking to around the water cooler?  Because I know some other people who really LOVE their Witch Doctors, as well.  I was beginning to wonder if maybe it was a fluke thing, but looking at the other 2 comments here I can see that no, there isn’t a consensus about the WD not fitting in.