Skyrim DLC visual and PS3 hostility

We’ve been waiting for what seems like an age for the upcoming Skyrim DLC so it was finally nice to get a visual treat, and while some gamers are happy it’s obvious that there is some hostility from PS3 users. The reason why is because the Xbox 360 has yet another timed exclusive with Dawnguard just like they do with new Call of Duty content, and it’s now starting to try the patience of PlayStation users.

The whole saga with COD is no shock but that’s what we now expect, but certain gamers have been asking why the exclusive with the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC because it’s not consistent with how Bethesda treat their fans. It’s obvious that there will be varied views on this, but from the looks of things those with a PS3 will have to wait a full month after 360 users have been enjoying Dawnguard.

We have heard suggestions that Bethesda would not have needed the money for this timed exclusive deal because of the success they have with their games, but you have to remember that they’re a business and are never going to turn money away. Look at it like this, Microsoft might have helped shape Skyrim into the game it is today as the extra cash from them could have helped the development process along – remember we said MIGHT.

One of the reasons we say this is because the game was a big undertaking and it would have been easy for Bethesda to start going over budget. If this was the case then it’s about time that Sony started to put up some money instead of Microsoft. At least PC users will be left waiting as well for the new DLC, but they can’t moan, not with all their modding possibilities.

  • Philipo

    I’m seriously considering selling my ps3 copy of skyrim and getting it for the pc. It’s a shame but with modding and better graphics and polished gameplay it might just be what i need to cushion alot of my dissapointment with skyrim. Don’t get me wrong, i love skyrim and it’s one of my favourite games ever, but im dissapointed at how badly the ps3 version is treated.

  • W B F E

    Ps3 users want everything for free or think it should be all the same welcome to 21st century no1 gets anywhere in charity so get over Microsoft invests into games ect then what u expect of course they wil let stuff first second pc get modding when that’s more like a loyalty thing since more people bought the game on Xbox than any other platform (iv been playin since red guard) yes I have a pc as well sack ps3 tho to many issues with that computer. Not just skyrim everything :)

    • Gillstyx

      Trolling much mate? I like how we’re all lumped in by you as ‘ps3 users’. It’s frankly ludicrous that you’re suggesting anyone’s asking for anything ‘for free’, that’s simply not the case. I understand the argument that microsoft, not sony put money forward to get this dlc first but that has nothing to do with individual gamers; you’re very mistaken i’d you think that microsoft posted out here for the sake of their service users. The irritating factor with playing skyrim on ps3 is that the disappointments are constant. The bugs, the lag issues, now loosing out on dlc as well. You’re implying that we’re asking for a lot by just wanting to be given a damn break. Throw us a bone Bethesda, please? :(

  • Michael Schuster

    I could care less if I have to wait another month. It is summertime, I have a jeep and a motorcycle with the Appalachian Mountains only two hours away. How about some of you cave trolls unplug for once and get outside and experience real life for once.

    • anonymous

       FOR ONCE.

    • Your worst nightmare

      Go to hell! I’m doing stuff outside all the time. I’m posting this from the library which I ride my bike to all the time for exercise. Also I’m trying to join USMC. Go ahead and try to tell me I don’t do anything, cause if I didn’t do stuf, I’d have no chance at getting into the marines.

    • NuckChorris

      Then why waste your time commenting here when you could be sampling the many wonders of nature’s festering anal cavity?

  • Jones Malone

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was MS who said “hey, in order for you to put this game on an XBox, you need to give us timed exclusive DLC, otherwise, no-go” and Bethesda was forced to comply. And besides, a month is not long. I just might use it to go outside and get some exercise.

  • Cr8zkjin

    some of ya’ll go to far…..we pay enough just to get the systems, let alone the games, and accessories….All the bragging about xbox over ps3…..only thing that is ever different is the graphics…you all act as though the game play is so much more different due to graphics….Props to ppl who enjoy playing with the baddest ass graphics on a fun ass game..(i 2nd that feeling/to a degree)….but for all you xbox users…..i jumped off your band wagon for the simple fact….with all the good ass graphics microsoft supplies….XBOX isn’t reliable….THEY DONT LAST LONG….i been a playstation fan since the ps1….i still have my ps1 and ps2…AND THEY STILL WORK!…LIKE NEW TOO!…so go ahead…..brag while you still have THE GREEN LIGHT!..LOL…but how long with that last….xbox been taxin ya’ll ass since it came out just to play online, an setting it up to where the ring of death kicks in right after your warranty time expires…(MICROSOFT IS SOOO PRECISE!)… now, go buy a new xbox….or pay super xtra just to have someone fix it….lmao….now lets see what idiot takes opinions about video games to how much money they have…….cause you can buy another xbox. sincerely a tru workacholic/ collector and part time gamer…..Mr. Tazz

    • Jerry Curlan

      Not sure what you’re point was supposed to be, other than the fact that English is obviously your second language. 

    • NuckChorris

      By the nine! Your text-wall is harder to decipher than an elder scroll!

      I see your point and disagree completely, i (personally) prefer the PS3, simply because its less expensive in the long-term and i prefer its exclusives, but the ‘Red ring’ problem with the  360 is old news to most people. 

      I also have to say, you’re wrong about game-play, the PC is much more fun, simply because it runs much smoother than either 360 or PS3 (Provided you meet the requirements of course) and allows the Hot-Key of MANY more items/spells


    dude itll be 2x better for the ps3 it has better graphics so ill proudly wait a month more

    • NuckChorris

      Honestly the PS3 is only noticeably better graphically when it comes to exclusives, or games that were developed on the PS3 and ported to other consoles. Good examples would include Uncharted (exclusive) and Batman Arkham City/asylum (Multi-platform).

      Admittedly the PS3 is slightly better graphically when running Skyrim, but that’s only because the Xbox had to run an install. 
      Enjoy whatever console you have though, each of them have their own Pros and Cons.

  • Bradleyjarvis

    Xbox getting it first is a good thing! Remember how ridiculously buggy skyrim was when it first came out? It caused OPM to give it a 7. With a month until the PS3 version comes out Bethesda will be able to get rid of any bugs that appear on the Xbox version, giving me; the PS3 user a better more complete DLC.

    • Anthonyzzz13

       This is very very true, i was pissed, now , not so much, Thanks

    • Loky

      thank you so much, I was really pissed because of the whole COD thing but now I can see a sense in the wait.

  • Di56

    this sucks microsoft should put all that money on making games not buying early dlc. that is why i love sony and my ps3 so many exclusives games unlike microsoft.

  • Csrl

    Consoles don’t sell games. Games sells consoles that’s why there is always a battle between micro and Sony. Who ever gets the best games sells the most consoles FACT!

  • Phatty216

    I’m actually fine with it.
    Ever since Fallout 3’s DLC was changed form being “Xbox only” to “PS3 too”, I’ve been a happy camper. 
    I can wait a month. Plenty of games to keep me occupied.

  • NuckChorris

    Meh, in my opinion its a waste of Microsoft’s money, i’m not bothered waiting for the ‘DLC’, and the 360 users are basically guinea pig’s used to test the ‘DLC’ for bugs/glitches before release on PC/PS3.

  • kevin

    I don’t know why everyone says the ps3 version is more buggy. I got rid of my xbox version cuz it would do nothing but crash every 5 seconds. After I got my ps3 version I nerver seen a problem.

    • fint

      The Ps3 version crashes everytime you enter water due the update, and bethesda have done nothing

      • legionarmy

        weird mine dont

      • HopeThisHelps

        Just so you know there is a youtube video that tells you how to get rid of that “glitch” . A guy half naked tells you how to do it in his 42sec clip hey it works..good luck and happy gaming Search:” Skyrim update 1.5 ps3 how to fix water freeze bug ” on YouTube

      • Iratephilosopher

         Actually you are incorrect. That particular problem required the simple fix of deleting the update and reinstalling it which I found after a simple google search. Other than this “problem” that you mentioned I have had no other major bug experiences. I have the ps3 version.

  • Jerry Curlan

    Do you all have a short memory? It’s the same thing as the timed DLC for
    Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, GTA IV, probably others I’m forgetting
    too. You’ll get it on PS3 when the 30 days are up, just like it was originally announced.

    • Ryan

       but way is that the case xbox and ps3 have the same level of grafices so why do we have to wait 30 days im not blaming anyone i would just like to know why it keeps happing

      • Jerry Curlan

         It keeps happening because Microsoft keeps paying them to make it happen.

  • legionarmy

    so what xbox gets it first it just means that if there is a problem with it when it first come out they have 30 days to patch it so we will get a better version

  • Konarhuber1

    i think that ps3 should get it first because everone i konw that has a ps3 is talking about it and papal who have xbox dosent even now what it is

    • LB

      Sorry, Bethesda must have stopped realising the world revolves around you and your friends.

  • LB

    What I can’t understand is that there really is any real profit in Paying for timed exclusives.

    I mean buying a console just because of a slightly different schedule of just the DLC of ONE game just doesn’t seem like an intellegent purchase to a consumer.

  • Aggie

    The only eason x-box can pay for exclusive dlc is because they make their memebers pay money if the have online accounts. So im fine with waiting a month ad not havaing to pay 20 bucks a month

  • Steven P73

     im fine with it but the websites talking about it are saying its to make extra money for microsoft well sony fans arent gonna go buy a xbox just for an add on and after xbox players all have the add on who else will buy it ?

    • Steven P73

       atleast not me imo xbox is crap with the fact that ive seen xbox LAG frames wise alot more and ive had 1 red ring on me so i dont want one

  • Clarrisani

    Of course there is hostility from PS3 users. While Xbox users are getting all their exclusive content, we PS3 users still have to deal with a broken game! That would make ANYONE hostile.