Halo 4 gameplay and 6 screenshots

Microsoft’s E3 2012 keynote started with what we’ve been waiting for, and that is the first Halo 4 gameplay showing more details than ever before. The game looks absolutely amazing and the footage has made us want to get hands-on even more now, which we feel our readers that saw the gameplay will feel the same.

The video started by showing us how the UNSC Infinity, the really big flagship, was sucked into a wormhole that was created artificially. Shortly after coming out of this wormhole the UNSC Infinity crash lands on an unknown planet, and when Master Chief investigates he’s met with a new threat, which can be seen in one of the screenshots. The video then takes us to some real gameplay, which looks really impressive with excellent details, textures, and a slightly updated HUD.

We’ve taken 6 screenshots from the Halo 4 gameplay, just for those that didn’t get time to see it, and you can see them on this page. We expect the E3 2012 gameplay video to go live soon, which we will embed on this page when it does.

Are you watching the live video stream of Microsoft’s E3 conference, if so then let us know what you thought of the first Halo 4 gameplay footage? We’re really impressed by what 343 Studios has done, although the real insight will come at a later date once we get hands-on.

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