Identity of Xbox 720 preceding E3 2012

We are moments away from E3 2012 starting and while it’s pretty clear you can forget about Xbox 720 news being featured during Microsoft’s presentation, what about the identity of Xbox 720 that seems to be pushing towards an entertainment hub rather than games console?

Within the last few days the entertainment hub controversy has started again, which is thanks to pre-E3 2012 statements by Microsoft during some official discussions. While the company explained about the success of the Xbox 360 in terms of sales, it became pretty clear that Microsoft want to create a full entertainment center out of the Xbox, although if the 720 goes this way then some gamers feel a little disappointed by it.

Microsoft’s Next Xbox should be primarily a games consolethis article points to Microsoft’s plans for the current machine and the future Xbox 720, as we like to call it, and states that an average of over 80 hours per month was spent gaming, listening to music, and watching videos on the Xbox 360 per user over the last year. While we cannot confirm or deny these stats, it would also be interesting to hear how many hours you spend gaming and doing other tasks on the Xbox 360, so feel free to share this in the comments below.

The Next Xbox is likely to take advantage of Windows 8 integration for making it a real entertainment hub, not only for gaming but also for streaming content to smartphones, tablet, and PCs. This is something Sony also want to do and Apple do very well already, without the games console for now, but do Xbox gamers really want the focus shifted away from games?

Users we’ve spoken to feel they “don’t want the Xbox to be an entertainment hub“, another stated their Xbox 360 has “become a paperweight with a lack in variety of 1st party exclusives“. Although gamers put it plan and simple by stating “It’s a games console Microsoft…a games console“.

While we don’t agree with every point raised by these people, it’s worth pointing out that there is uncertainty over what the Xbox 720 will become, and this identity crisis might also be tied to the PS4 as well.

If you are to buy the Xbox 720 within the next year or two, is the main reason still for gaming? How would you feel if Microsoft put more attention into other services rather than games? You might also want to see these unusual Xbox 720 concept designs found here.

  • TDNN

    When buying a next-gen console in the next few years I’ll definitely be considering all the features it brings. While I personally don’t really care for something such as Skype on my console or social-media integration (no I don’t want to post my gaming achievements on my Facebook profile..), my Xbox360 is frequently used for things other than gaming. I’m mostly using it for watching movies and shows, but for that I use pretty much all available options such as streaming rentals through Zune (though their catalog definitely needs improvement), YouTube or from my PC through the Media Center.

  • Jonathan Gebre

    i noe i wanna get it rite when it comes out

  • Jerry

    I always watch netflix on my xbox 360 w my girlfriend and when my friends come over. I love gaming on my console though but won’t lie its probably 60/30/10%. 60 would be gaming Games like Fallout 3 & New Vegas, Marvel vs capcom, Mass Effect series, Batman Arkham City etc. 30 would be netflix 10% would be other including youtube, kinect, Chatting, Would chat more but the keyboards are so expensive and xbox always deletes ur older messages sometimes which annoys me. Haven’t used Zune yet. I had a first gen but it broke. Came across a very GOOD blog that said if the HD zune was a phone or phone compatible instead and was actually released worldwide it would have sold well and I agree. What stopped me from getting a Zune was I burn cd’s onto my Xbox. I wanted those to cross intergrate on my account and be able to use on my Windiws Zune. Which it doesn’t probably due to pirating etc which sucks. Speaking of I am currently perma banned from Live. I hope when the new console comes out they’ll give me a chance to pay like 10-20$ to reactivate. I learned my lesson not to buy Microsoft points of some dumb third party website. Not only do I have to get a new Gold and Xbox but all my achievements and saved games are gone. Kind of harsh which I equated with stealing a few candy bars for the first time a life sentence in jail. or maybe not idk. I love Microsoft and hope they catch up to Apple and Android in the smartphone department and Hopefully 720 will be just as good as this one.

  • Mmiller2197

    As a gamer who has been at it since the days of the ColecoVision era I have always done nothing but play games, but unfortunately Microsoft has made doing other thing possible with the intro of things like 1080P streaming video (no more video store) and also other apps causing me to be a little less of a gamer and more of a diverse user when it comes to what my Xbox has to offer.

  • Stevens6464

    First off there must be a significant upgrade to the “gaming” side of the Xbox 720. Which is to be expected….I don’t really understand why people would get upset if Microsoft leaned more toward and entertainment hub, because guess what…… it already is. I’m a pretty serious gamer, and would like to experience the new abilities the Xbox 720 will provide while gaming. But at the end of the day I want to come home, kick back and watch some Net Flix….and experience the other features the Xbox currently has. Do I want more of those features available?….Absolutely, and I don’t see how adding more entertainment hub features can interfere with gamers who want to just game.

  • Dns2019

    I don’t get why anyone would be upset. The 360 already has netflix, news servies, and all kinds of other things. and yet, I play plenty of fun games as well as watching movies and tv shows and listen to music. I am actually pretty excited to see what they do. I am hoping they DON’T go the non-physical media route thouh…

  • Javyan97

    I think as long as we still get to play all our favorite games, and they’re still coming out with new awesome games, then what does it matter what else the thing does? Just use it for whatever you want! :)

  • Xdewmanx

    I think that the updates transforming the current Dashboard to a more apps based style is just stupid. Certain apps take a lot longer to load than they did before. And as long as they do not make the mistake of trying to do some stupid thing like 3D gaming. The technology is not there yet and who wants to look through 3D glasses.

  • toohats

    For me it would be for the enhanced gaming
    experience I would expect on a next gen consol. 
    Hopefully a beautiful DirectX 12 and Kinect 2.0. For streaming, music
    and such, why not just say with my already paid for Xbox 360

  • Cwisler1

    Forget entertainment hub or what ever the heck they are trying to do, video games is whats supposed to be on consols, the other stuff is cool, but i dont care about search engines on my xbox, all i need is netflix and the xbox arcade and im good to go, all these dumb features they want to add i already have on my lap top, i wouldnt use it on xbox

  • Davefranklinmobile

    All the fancy extras are all very well, but I purchased the Xbox because im a gamer. I’d purchase the 720 for the same reason. If the emphasis was moved away from the gaming console, then I wouldn’t bother.

  • Scotty Dog

    The 1st xbox got xbmc which i couldnt wait to install.  Then FFFplayer for the 360.  Yeah a media hub is the way to go she the bottom line consumer can open up the potential that lies in the box of wires.

  • Paul Jones

    I just want the next xbox to be a game console that can do other things, not an entertainment center that can play games.  Microsoft really needs to pay more attention to their exclusives.  Honestly, not one of the 360 exclusives shown looked good at all.  Sony, however, showed The Last of Us, and I gotta say, I love the xbox 360 better than the ps3, but the ps3 is starting to get way better exclusive.  (And no I really don’t count Uncharted.  The graphics and story was good, but the mechanics were screwy — I mean, come on: The ai can see through walls? Come on!)

    • Paul Bourque

      Halo 4 … nuff said

  • Paul Bourque

    I think Microsoft can either make or break the market with their next design of machine and lets face it, the market today is about versatility and connectivity.  I am a gamer and own both (360 and PS3) and love games, but have come to realize that entertainment is a much broader beast then just games today.  The winner of the next race will be the one that brings the most to the consumer (hopefully good games is part of it), with he best tech, at the most affordable price.  Not only the machine, but the services it includes.

    Today, paying for live, then points for just about everything, is not access in my books.  I would rather pay a little bit more for subscription and have a wide open world at my fingertips.  This is access, this is entertainment.  That being said, Bill Gates needs to be spending as much time negotiating with his affiliate services providers, as he is with the technicians of 720, to make the launch a success.

  • Sushain pandita

    i love playing xbox games and i m eagerly waiting for dis…….anyways nice post