Wii U Pro controller opens old wounds

Earlier today we touched on the new Nintendo Wii U Pro controller, which included a simple photo showing the design presented by Iwata recently. You can see the official video below this article and exactly what Iwata said when he introduced the Wii U Pro controller, although this news has opened some old wounds with Xbox 360 owners.

Wii U Pro Controller vs. Xbox 360 controller – with so many so-called hardcore games coming to the Wii U there has always been a need for a traditional controller, and some of these games best suited to Wii U Pro include Darksiders 2 and Batman: Arkham City.

The debates amongst Nintendo and Xbox 360 gamers are as complicated as they are clear, which include some people asking, “Why is Wii U copying the 360?” While it’s clear that the Wii U Pro controller is very similar to the 360 version, there are only so many ways you can make a controller, so Nintendo might have felt the 360 design is more comfortable than the PS3 controller. Owning both systems, we’d have to agree that the Xbox 360 has a more comfortable controller although we know plenty of PS3 owners that hate the Xbox 360 design.

Some people will complain about Nintendo just for the sake of it, although other gamers have pointed out that Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft will take ideas from each other over the years. The Wii might have started getting people fit with motion controllers first, or at least first with the most success, although the Xbox 360 took the motion idea and innovated, so the end result is more options for the gamer to choose from.

Do you think Microsoft figured out the best way to create a controller, and Nintendo understand this? We’ve also included a second video below that discusses the new Wii U Pro controller and also its similarities with the Xbox 360 controller, which runs for 10 minutes and is well worth a watch.