WWE 13 aims to match real-life cameras

Trying to make any game realistic is not so easy, especially when it comes to finding the balance between something being like real life and also keeping the gameplay fluid. This has been seen when trying to improve referee decisions in FIFA 13 and not letting the game have too many wrong choices, although this time it seems WWE 13 is trying to get things realistic when it comes to camera work within the game.

WWE 13 aims to match real-life cameras and this has been shown in a few tweets by the games Creative Director, Cory Ledesma, and reactions to what is planned for WWE 13 has been mixed among gamers.

Ledesma explained that WWE 13 cameras will pause the action, and that the replays will not happen after a match only, so this means you can perform a replay mid-match and pause the action live. You’ll also find the replays are not slow motion, and are in full speed with different angles. Other improvements mentioned on Ledesma’s Twitter page include the ability to continue a match after breaking through barricades, which can be done on all types of barricades although there is no fighting in the crowd.

Some gamers that have followed wrestling for many years have lost confidence in THQ, and it’s their view that we’re “still waiting for that magic” to follow some of the previous classic wrestling games on older consoles. Do you agree with this line of thought, or are you extremely pumped for WWE 13 and feel it will be the best wrestling game to date?

Are you looking forward to WWE 13, and is there anything you want to see at E3 2012? You can read about other gameplay improvements in our earlier article here.

  • Wwemaster

    good i always wanted the diffent camras in diffent places

  • Akrish

    Fighting in the crowd!!! We had it THQ!!! We had it! Why?????

  • Cash

    Went they first introduced replays into the game. I thought it was those that we see mid-match. I’m happy to hear that it’s happening now though. Still I wouldn’t mind seeing for myself.

  • Hardrock

    The camera angles for wwe 13 sound good. one other thing that needs to improve is superstars in the ring at once because all the time there are more then 6 superstars at once. want to make it realistic do that too.

  • http://facebook.com/miiikkeyyyy Mikey King

    @7b4f1db57e481dee35e7e06d7a2204f3:disqus The reason there cannot be more than 6 superstars in the ring at one time is that it takes up too much polygons and quite frankly the Playstation 3 wouldn’t be able to cope with it. Maybe, when the Playstation 4 is released, it is possible. But until then, the only way possible to have more than 6 superstars in the ring is to reduce the quality of superstars in the ring, and for me, that’s NOT an option.