GTA 5 trailer 2 dropping soon for limelight

Now that we have seen what Sony, Microsoft and a few others have to offer gamers at E3 2012 it seems attention is turning to what was missed, and of course the normal debate on what brand won the show. Now that we know the offerings from Sony and Microsoft, some people feel it has left the window wide open for Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer 2.

Could GTA 5 Trailer 2 really take the limelight at E3? Some gamers think Rockstar are too cool for E3, and that they could just release the second trailer without even being there to take all the news attention, or at least a massive part of the focus. It is also the view of these gamers that E3 has shown little so far with “no GTA 5″, “no new hardware“, and “no massive announcements“.

For some people this is hard to believe considering some of the expected and exciting announcements we’ve seen already, and cross game enhancements for Sony’s PS Vita are near top of our list. Then we have that trailer and first gameplay for Halo 4, which Xbox 360 users are really impressed with considering the new developers.

Expect the second GTA 5 trailer really soon – whether Rockstar try and steal some limelight or not, it has been months since the first trailer and we’re ready for a second GTA 5 video with gameplay, which for us would be the biggest story surrounding E3 2012. We cannot wait to see some car customisation gameplay, where the story is taking us, and whether the rumored air combat is real.

Do you want to see some Grand Theft Auto V gameplay within the next week? Have you been satisfied or disappointed with the E3 announcements so far?

  • lewis palin

    The only reason Rockstar don’t go to E3 anymore is because of GTA San Andreas. They always went to E3, until in 2005 they were caught ‘lying’ (as some like to call it) about the Hot Coffee being in the GTA SA game, and they said that they never knew about it, but that it was a hacker who got into their files and modded the game. That is why they haven’t been sice, because they are ashamed of what people are going to say. Although, that was like 7 years ago, so why are R* still hiding away from E3? Its the biggest games convention ever, and they should be there! – GTA V trailer #2 needs to come out very soon, many fans are getting frustrated, and some are anxious to see what else the game has got to offer. But with it being 7 months since the 1st GTA V trailer, it has been such a long wait, even some BIG GTA FANS are getting angry.

    • Chris

      actually its been 8 months -.-

      • SmokeButtz

        its this whore again..

    • Edwstewart1992

      Rockstar can take as long as they want, in my opinion. The only reason why no new footage has been released is the fear that it was going to overshadow the release of Max Payne 3. Now that the PC version has been released I can guarantee you that the 2nd trailer will be released within 2 WEEKS.

      As for Rockstar’s presence at E3, since GTA:SA it simply has not been their thing to go to. They now like to do their own thing, which, in my opinion, works much better for them. It makes them different, and it makes them very well respected.

    • Linkage1992

      Rockstar can release the trailer whenever they want. After all they gave us the GTA series so they don’t owe us anything. Have some patience.

      • rex84

        Rockstar didn’t give me anything; I’ve had to pay hard earned money for every GTA game I’ve got.

    • Stacy Rhect

      Rockstar Games are ashamed about the Hot Coffee incident? Have you even played Grand Theft Auto? For all we know they planted the whole thing to get attention. 

      • lewis palin

        ‘Have I even played GTA?’ – Yes I have been playing it since I was 6 years old thank you. And I only wrote what I saw the other day on a post on why they won’t be at E3. So don’t get sarcastic with me!

      • Brad

        You have quite a good point but if it was for attention then they would have probably just simply made it an available Mini-game like they was planning to anyway even though the idea of hiding it until someone finds it also seems a necessary way of getting more attention which may mean they did do it for attention

    • Hobodealer

      Actually Rockstar were at E3 when they announced GTA IV so I doubt it’s because of that. It’s probably just because they know that they don’t have to go to a big convention like E3 to show off their games because they know they’ll get loads of attention anyway now.

  • vinith

    watch dogs by ubisoft is freaking epic :)

    • Aaa

       hopefully not the only good thing this year

  • Edwstewart1992

    The ‘air combat’ isn’t a ‘rumour’, as suggested in this article. It’s quite obvious there will be aircraft in GTA5 considering 3 PLANES were shown in the trailer. No developer in their own right shows that many planes and then says ‘uuuuh naw yah cannae fly them aha’.

    • nick

      LA Noire shows planes and trains, neither of those were drivable.

  • Anon

    I think it will be released in early October, I don’t think the release of major titles a month later will seriously effect sales and it is rare that a major game is released between January and March. Rockstar could unexpectedly release the game next week and still make millions.

  • Djgameplays

    Even though Rockstar have not entered e3 … TAKE TWO has!!!!

  • Aaaa

    There will be nothing on GTA V til the Tokyo Show in August 

  • Dymez

    “It is also the view of these gamers that E3 has shown little so far with “no GTA 5″, “no new hardware“, and “no massive announcements“.”

    I don’t know about that. E3 shown me a lot, with ‘The Last of Us’ and especially ‘Watch Dogs.’ I’ve been trying to google more info for Watch Dogs ever since!

  • MusiicMan

    im happy as hell but only because of 1 game and without it E3 would have been pointless for me… WATCH DOGS!!

  • Lolz

    GTA V showcased on wii XD



    • RandomGirl

      that character is soo f*ckin sexyy :)

  • Mgandr

    Look at it this way…Take Two would have nothing to announce if not GTAV

    • Guest

      or Max Payne 3 or Red Dead Redemption

  • Zed

    Am I the only one who feels they don’t know anything about gaming?
    what the hell is take two? skyrim? e3? watch dog? the hot coffee incident? Tokyo?
    all i care about is gta 5 so RELEASE HER!!!

    • Guest

      yes yes you are.

  • Uchenna

    “Do you want to see some Grand Theft Auto V gameplay within the next week?” <– is that a trick question?

  • Monroe2020

    Rockstar is acting out right stupid.  Release a new trailer with gameplay elements and give us an idea on a release date!   

    • Alex

      How are they being stupid?

  • whymeee

    is assassin creed  red dead redemption 2?

  • Abys080syba

    no assassin’s creed is assassin’s creed… [facepalm]

  • 23561275

    To Rockstar: Your Mom.

  • Ricerd Smith

    to rockstor: im not buying gta 5 due to the lack of info and all the suspense

    • Omar Zebibo

      How much you want to bet that even if they don’t release any info you will still buy it day one? 

  • Rockstar-Let-Us-Down

    If i dont see GTA V Trailer in the next week im not buying GTA 5!

    • Guest

      wow what a huge game you’ll miss for a trivial reason.  I don’t believe for a second you will actually follow through with not buying it.  Also stop thinking they have a responsibility to you beyond what you spend money on their products for

  • homo

    dat white boi had me on crystal mef

  • WhyRockstarWhy?

    Seriously rockstar? Why cant you just release a second trailer already we benn waiting for ever! holysh*t. I better see one at E3 or this week cause if i dont you lost a big f*ckin fan Fuckstar.

  • BigAL

    the reason why they not showing gameplay of gta v is because they know they screwed up big.

    • jordan_houston_rfc

      makes you say that?

  • CryBearMashedPotatoes

    mmmm mmm!!

  • Wg2y65

    rockstar you better show us info very soon becasue your losing alot of fans

    • Guest

      No they’re not you idiot.  Stop making demands and pretending you wouldn’t buy the game anyway even if it’s released later than what you’d ideally like.

  • gamer_girl

    I wanna fuk the hell out of the watchdog character. VERY HARD mmmmmmmm:) <333333333333

    • myHoodisreal


      • road-rash

        Look at HER name stupid. Its a girl.

  • 381274214124124124414

    all these hot girls they show at e3 are just models and its just to make there games look good. they dont play video games lol

  • man i wish i could go to e3 in person. why do other people get to have fun and i dont? Life is fkin unfair. :(

  • Life-Sucks

    I know this has nothing to do with GTA 5 but i just want to say this. My life is crap im poor, no friends or boyfriend, i have anxiety and paranoia so i never leave my house, my life is miserable. And you got people living it up :( F*ck life.

    • Beentherestillamsorta

      Literally just got out of the hospital two weeks ago for that! 

    • El_godfather_christian

       that sucks :((

    • Clayster05

      dude smoke weed. best medicine ever seriously

    • Scooter


  • JAM

    life sucks just think F*CK it whats the worst that could happen bring on gta v

  • Jonathan Wood

    we wont see gta v again, rockstar messed up big time, by nearly completing it for march this year, and then deleted it, so moved max Payne to that date only they werent ready to release it then, but they still did, which is why we have planes in the docks -.- because they had to rush it through, expect gta 5 in the next five years, and four for the next trailer. 

    • Guest

      Seems legit.

    • Rock The Mullet

      how do you know they deleted it?

  • RobbieD

    If you all just shut up about wanting more info, reading and commenting on these stupid speculation articles (let the articles disappear), Rockstar will see the lack of hype in the game and release a teaser or something. The fact that this article already has 46 comments shows that people have huge interest, so Rockstar don’t need to do anything to promote their game… you think they released the trailer to make you happy? They just want to sell their game!

    • CB

      Yes, and you are one of the 46.

      • Stool McDonald


        • In35335

          Do you really think anyone will care and stop following this game?

  • Divadseivad

    hehe bitches bitches rockstar are kings the game will be out whrn they want it and we all know its getting bought regardless of release date and lack of info its the best game made by the best division of the best game developers 

  • Shanemc1232010

    Everyone stop what you are doing at once, I’ve just received an urgent message. “CannonBall”

  • Lyndseyharris49

    sorry to dissapoint but gta v is delayed until 2014

    • Jake

      dumb assss

  • NickCobalt

    Gta 5 will not be released in 2012they are hoping to have it to you guys by 2014, they had too much on their plate with max Payne. They deleted their progress may 25th due to the fact that they simply rushed the production.

  • Unknown

    @NickCobalt @8220febe79a3b16e16374d7c606e0f6e:disqus Lyndseyharris49
    are you stupid or what you think that they would just delete what they have, they are a multimillion dollar company have you ever heard of the word backup! Rockstar will keep to there release schedule for October 2012!

  • Ameer_hamza2010

    I Dont Think so That it would be release in 2012!!!!!

  • Wakoloks

    i want to play wwe 13 

  • James Smith

    I say just give it all sometime, They know what they are doing and will do their best to get it out as fast as they can. They are trying out new ideas every day and they are still working on who the main person is going to be, So sit tight relax and they will get to us as soon as they can. And this is a message to LIFE-Sucks…  Just keep your head up hon everything will work out. Keep faith if anyone would like to be friend’s on FaceBook Feel free to add me.  Take care..

  • James Smith

     I totally agree with you Stewart. Rockstar should just do their own thing, t has always worked out for them, why all of a sudden make a change. But i can also understand that they want to try something new and go to the next level in video games.

  • boris69

    чё так долга