All About Watch Dogs vs. The Last of Us

While we have seen a huge number of games already being shown off in all their splendor during E3 2012 it’s clear to see that two games have stood out, because it has all been about Watch Dogs and The Last of Us, but in your eyes which of the two gets your vote? We have seen a few trailers for the latter before the event but never any gameplay footage until now, the former is the first piece of gameplay as well.

Asking which of the two is the better game is such a tough question to ask because there are so many things to consider, do you rate it graphically, for its gameplay or story? While there seems to be growing support for Watch Dogs it’s worth remembering that the gameplay was shown on a PC, so it would be hard to judge it on graphics as we know The Last of Us is a PS3 only title.

There have been suggestions in a number of forums saying that Watch Dogs will be a far better game in terms of gameplay because the developers will not focus on scripted movie scenes like Naughty Dog does – well in Uncharted anyway. However, this isn’t a bad thing because it does make the game more enjoyable for certain gamers – well those who don’t mind generic gameplay.

It does seem as though more gamers are swaying towards Watch Dogs, but there are those who don’t trust Ubisoft as much as they do Naughty Dog, even so they will still purchase both titles. Not knowing what Watch Dogs will look like on a console is a reason why certain gamers would rather sit on the fence and wait until more footage is released, but the game will have a tough time going against The Last of Us, because Naughty Dog excels when it comes to graphics on current-gen consoles.

We have the two videos for you below so you can decide for yourself.


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