E3: And the winner is?

With many suspected announcements being made at E3 and some amazing presentations, there weren’t any major surprises at this year’s event, giving us reason to question who the winner really is. Many of the games and products had already been revealed prior to this and we are intrigued as to who had the edge over everyone else.

It seems like Microsoft were more intent on pushing the feature of an Internet Explorer on the Xbox as opposed to presenting games, yet Sony gave a better presentation with the emphasis mainly on their console and handheld and not so much the games that made the consoles popular. More was expected from Nintendo, and in an article on Explosion, their attention was captivated by Ubisoft giving them reason to believe that they are the real winners.

Even though they have the advantage of more screen time than console companies, Ubisoft showed each presentation to be a unique experience revealing new content as they progressed, with new gameplay, concepts and ideas for new titles. The focus on games rather than sales made the event seem more relevant and apparently Ubisoft played a big part in making the Nintendo conference interesting showing nine games for the Wii U.

Supporting the PS Vita, they showed an impressive Assassins Creed: Liberation with its own plot along with several new IPs mainly Watch Dogs and ZombiU. The Ubisoft presentation seemed better and more extensive than the other combined, which is quite something considering they represent just one company. With other presentations still in action, it is too close to call a winner yet, although Ubisoft has made their mark on this event mainly down to the attention paid on games and demonstrations.

The gamers reactions to the presentations are focusing on Watch Dogs, with a feeling that the third-person action adventure game stole the show at this year’s E3, and there is a high expectation that this will look great on all platforms when it comes out. Some feel that Sony made a decent presentation but Ubisoft had the best show and a variety of games made this possible, and with plenty of attention surrounding Watch Dogs it was not only a total surprise but it also looks immersive and captivating.

Yesterday we reported on the trailer of Watch Dogs and the amazing looking gameplay regarded the best thing seen so far at E3, and adding to the relevant Ubisoft news, we also wrote a post on Assassin’s Creed 3 free-running opportunities that this gives the protagonist a more flexible approach in adapting to his environment. Which company do you think has stood out more during this year’s E3?