GTA 5 innovation on Wii U and PS Vita

When it comes to the different platforms Grand Theft Auto 5 could land on when it gets a release date this year, expected in October, there will be some new platforms with innovative controls that were not around during the GTA IV launch. While we don’t have a launch date for Wii U it is expected to land before Christmas 2012, and past rumors point to a release on this platform along with Sony’s PS Vita handheld.

This will provide a unique opportunity for both the Wii U and PS Vita to gain users that want to use the innovative controls, and if GTA 5 could release on these platforms with some smart and unique features, then either machine could sell units just for GTA 5.

What’s unique about the Wii U and PS Vita controls? The first and most obvious unique feature for Wii U is the touchscreen embedded within the Gamepad, there is another traditional controller called the Pro, and this allows gamers to keep playing even when you turn the TV off. This in itself can provide some interesting gaming with GTA 5 on Wii U, although it would also be good to see what could be done with other Gamepad features like the built-in camera and microphone, gyroscope, Near field communications support, and accelerometer.

Sony’s PS Vita has a number of unique features although we’d love to see something done with GTA 5 and Cross Platform Play to create something unique for PS3 users. Other PS Vita features include front and rear cameras, a motion sensor, and touchscreen display although there’s a unique opportunity to use the Vita’s rear touchscreen within GTA 5.

It’s also worth pointing out that Grand Theft Auto V could release on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC this year and something dedicated for the PS Vita and Wii U could release at a later date. If this does happen, would you want GTA 5 on the Wii U or Vita?

What ideas do you have for GTA 5 on PS Vita or Wii U?

  • Boomer

    I wouldn’t want them on either. GTA 5 should stick to Xbox, PS3 and PC. Nintendo does not have the computing power to make GTA enjoyable IMO

    • DarthDiggler

       The Wii U is on par with PS3 and Xbox 360.

      • Shamzrayz

        are you crazy????!!!

        • DarthDiggler

          @0a976bf996951229ab32cc32c82690d2:disqus Dude if you are going to make a point – make a point.  Don’t just bad mouth me.

          The Wii U will be slightly more powerful than the Xbox 360 from what I read.  I don’t know how it fairs vs. PS3 but it will have more memory than PS3 and Xbox 360 (combined). 

          It will have more than enough horsepower to handle a GTA sandbox style game in Full HD.  I am not sure if GTA is coming to Wii U at this time though.

          • Jaysonmac67

            Horsepower is in cars and has not one thing to do with computing.

          • DarthDiggler

            @e9378359e73b072b57a5fae08d56bb8a:disqus   Thank you Captain Obvious.

            I was assuming this audience would understand it was a figure of speech. 😛

            If we are going to be accurate, horsepower is in pretty much any engine and even horses.

          • someguy

            if it better than the xbox 360 then its better than a PS3, the xbox is more powerful than a ps3

          • madheadparnill

             get your facts right the ps3 is more powerful than the 360

          • Geddyisere

            Ps3 powerfuller than xbox, even my pet knows that

        • Dymez

           The Wii U is the first of that “Next Generation” of powerful consoles rumored to come next year.  Don’t discredit it.  It may pale in comparison to the next Playstation and Xbox, but right now, it’s actually above both.

          • DarthDiggler

            Slightly above.  Third parties aren’t gravitating to the system which is a concern.  Many of the third parties that are doing Wii U games are just doing games we already played.  I don’t see how that will be a system seller.

          • Dymez

            Third parties didn’t gravitate to the Wii, either.  That’s nothing new.  Didn’t stop it from being the #1 selling console out there.  It’s going to be cheaper, it’s going to come out before the others, that’s how it sold before, that’s how it will sell again.  With that said, they have the most third party support this time around than they’ve ever had.

          • munkeymomo

            This is being sold to a different market though, Wii was for kids, the Wii U is for more ‘Hardcore’ Gamers, who are not so easily swayed by marketing and are intelligent enough to realise that an investment in a Wii U is probably not a very smart one for a ‘Hardcore’ Gamer unless they had a lot of money, they’d be better off with a PC or waiting for a proper next gen console. 

          • Anon

            But the casual gamers will choose the Wii U because they loved the Wii

          • Dymez

            “Sold to a ‘different’ market”? No. Sold to ‘multiple’ markets. Nintendo didn’t abandon their fan base with the Wii U, they’re trying to expand it. It’s still going to have those same “kiddy” games with higher powered graphics and it’s fully backwards compatible with not just all Wii games, but with all its perephials. The extra power of the console is meant to persuade more of those ‘M’ rated game developers into believing that they can sell a lot of units on the Wii U, which would only boost sales. They’ve gotten the attention of some, and some they’re still in talks with. If they can manage to get some of these major releases scheduled in the crowded 2013, off of sheer numbers, some gamers will flock to it.

  • Hedwig


  • DarthDiggler

    I am not sure if GTA 5 is coming to Wii U.  Anyone got a link that says it is?

  • Bhsj

    i think gta v will be good vagina panda sex

    • ***

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  • Dymez

    I would love to have it on the Vita.  GTA would definitely push the use for it over the top compared to the little that’s available right now.

  • Liam_garvey

    GTA V has not been confirmed for Wii U as of yet. There was a rumour Nintendo were courting rockstar for the game when the new console was first announced last year but there’s been a lot of trashy rumours about the Wii U.

    I like the idea of the phone from GTA IV being upgraded into an ipad (ifad, whatever the developers want to call it) it could make for an immersive experience on the Wii U pad. Maybe 360 in game photo taking with the device as well? Car wingmirror display? I hope it does come to the system anyway (it will be able to deal with it technically, assassins creed 3 has same graphics as ps3/360) and it will need to prove it get can get the biggest games if it can compete on a ‘core’ gamer level.

  • YouThought it Was REal

    Gta VICE CITY NIGHTS PS VITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CONFIRMED AT E3 TODAY!!!

    • lewis palin


  • r4 dsi

    Well that’s good through this there will be more improvement in GTA 5 innovation on Wii U and PS Vita which will definite going to give you the best result. Hope people give the good response.