Skyrim DLC gameplay with joining Dawnguard

We knew more details would be revealed at E3 for Skyrim DLC and today we have a gameplay video for you to watch, which comes thanks to an interview with Todd Howard. The video is spread over two parts and runs for around 9 minutes in total.

You’ll see Howard featuring some Skyrim DLC gameplay right before joining the Dawnguard, and when doing this you’ll also get the option to join the vampires. If you join the Dawnguard then this will allow you to use crossbows when hunting down the vampires. The real choice will depend on whether you like the dark side or good side of Skyrim, and for some people it’s only the vampires after seeing the vampire lord in action.

Howard also explains how well the crossbows work in the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC, and where the content fits into the existing world. The downloadable content will last “10 to 20 hours” and should also get a lot harder than the current game, which will be welcomed by those that found Skyrim easy.

Are you looking forward to unlocking the new perk tree for the vampire lord, which will provide you with new powers? If you play as the vampire lord you’ll also unlock a perk tree, which allows you to turn into bats, have the ability to dodge attacks, summon gargoyles, and also a vampire grip to levitate people in the air.

The second video is the question and answers part of the interview, which sees Howard explaining different aspects of the Skyrim DLC and this also included his favorite new shout (soul tear). So check that video out below for some exclusive new information.

Do you really want to be evil or are you planning on taking down the vampires? The Skyrim Dawnguard DLC has a release date of June 26 for Xbox 360, although the exact PS3 and PC launch date has not been confirmed yet. The price will be around $20, or 1600 Microsoft points. If you want to join the beta then read more in our earlier article.