Villains of COD: Black Ops 2 explained

As you would expect many of the games coming out later this year have been showcased at E3, so it came as no surprise that we now get to learn about the villains of COD: Black Ops 2, as they are now explained in a video we have embedded for you below. It’s obvious that fans of the franchise will want the next game to be better than all the ones before it, but the early signs are not looking very promising – so will knowing who the antagonists are change peoples views?

The main villain of Black Ops 2 is Raul Menendez and you get to learn about him in the old part of the Cold War story back in the 1980s. In that era you get to learn the kind of person he is and how he managed to come to power – so pretty cool to get a background lesson in your enemy. Now over the next 30 years or so he has amazed a huge terrorist organization that he has now started to use against all the big power governments of the world.

This game is very different in the way that you are not dealing with just your usual enemy, because many of the villains are robotic devices being controlled from far away. The main difference is that the enemies will now have a greater intelligence than what you was used to fighting, which means you will have to think on your feet during the heat of battle.

In previous Call of Duty games the enemy was often predicable and also land based, but now they are unpredictable and will also attack you from the skies as well – so an added threat. Don’t worry though because you will have some great future tech to help take out the bad guys, which as we know are possibly the weapons that our military will be using in the next 15 years, as we recently explained.

The biggest threat from these villains is how they can hack into military systems, and we know that this idea has not been made up because the threat of this is very real – so the weapons they will be using are yours. Are you convinced that Black Ops 2 will be as good as the developers say?