GTA 5 and NBA Live too big for E3

GTA 5 and NBA Live seem to share something in common, their developers believe these games are too big for E3 2012. We already know that the upcoming title from Rockstar was not going to be shown during the biggest gaming event because they felt there would be too many announcements going on and would take the limelight away from GTA 5, and it now seems as though EA believes the same could happen in regards to this basketball game.

We know that some gamers have suggested that Rockstar has not made an appearance at E3 since they were caught lying a few years back (not certain what they lied about), but we don’t believe this to be true, it does make sense for Rockstar to do their own thing so all eyes will be solely focused on one title, and that is Grand Theft Auto V. So is this what EA Sports plan to do with NBA Live because they need to get as much publicity as possible to the game because of how dominant the NBA 2K series has been over the past few years.

A recent article makes a point that EA Sports has been in the wilderness a little in terms of their basketball franchise, so it does make sense for them to make a bigger deal about this game, missing E3 must have been a decision they would have not took lightly.

Many gamers would say that not showing NBA Live at the biggest gaming event of the year is a huge error, but others believe that showing the game so late in the NBA season would mean EA would be showing their hand to rivals, so much better for them to wait it out until the new season begins once again.

One thing we do know, it will be good for fans with EA now back in the game because it would mean 2K Games will now have to make some much needed changes to their series.

  • Boomer

    What was Rockstar caught lying about at their last E3??

    • Gumby65

       No need to wait for an answer; the credibility for site/author is already gone after that….gaffe.

    • Ggdds

      The said they didn’t put the Hot Coffee game in San Andreas. They said hackers did it.

  • Matthew 33333

    so what they dont have to show people anything…its there game

  • Yucatronixx

    Omg nba live just stop making games your franchise just sucks

  • Peen

    they lied about “Agent”

  • Morgan77740

    I think its safe to say, WE ALL KNEW GTA 5 WAS NOT GOING TO SHOW A E3

  • Spikey_77

    you kidding me? dont compare GTA to NBA Live. GTA is one of the best games of all time.

  • MusiicMan

    NBA Live too big for E3? hahahaha who ever wrote this must be on some heavy NBA fanboy crack