Howard on Skyrim DLC and ‘smart’ gamers

Those of our readers that have been patiently waiting for the Skyrim DLC, now known as Dawnguard, are enjoying a flood of information while E3 2012 is on. We stopped playing a few months ago after putting in hundreds of hours, but the trailer and gameplay are rebuilding the excitement we once had, which is the same for thousands of gamers across the world.

You might have seen the Skyrim Dawnguard gameplay a few days ago, and this showed a taste of what choices you have within the first Skyrim DLC, which basically comes down to being evil or good. Now we have a video from Game Director Todd Howard that explains the balancing act they’ve performed to keep fans happy.

Howard on Skyrim DLC and timing the release date – you can see the video interview below this article, which sees Howard give Skyrim gamers recognition for being “smart“. He understands that some gamers have been frustrated with the wait, and others have been cool with the understanding this downloadable content will be massive.

It has been “tricky” for Howard to get the timing right for their first add-on, and while he explains most gamers would buy “any DLC” it is also important to give as much content as possible. We enjoyed listening to the reasons behind vampires and the theme for Skyrim Dawnguard, especially straight from the games Director.

Watch the video below and see how close Howard got to revealing details about the Skyrim DLC after Dawnguard, although he does hint towards what will be coming. You got to love the freebies we get with Skyrim, and while this DLC will cost $20 it will be well worth it considering you’ll get at least 10 to 20 hours of gameplay.

Will the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC be a day one purchase for you? Are you still playing the game, or are you waiting for the DLC to launch?


  • Ashmcqueen85

    I’m stil playing it, i have played a few other games since it came out (Mass Effect 3, The Witcher) but I’ve always gone back to Skyrim, cant wait for Dawnguard to come out to extend the experience 😀

    • Eamon

      im the same know matter what i play ill alwas go back 2 skyrim. And by the way i would like 2 c that big mud crab in skyrim in new dlc.

  • Ignostikz

    i want the pc mod DEUS MONS on the xbox!!