New vehicles of Battlefield 3: Armored Kill

We already know that Battlefield Premium members now have access to Close Quarters DLC, but fans are already looking ahead to the new piece of content later in the year, which is called Battlefield 3: Armored Kill and comes with five new types of vehicles. These will include ATVs, destroyers, mobile artillery and tanks.

The map is larger than we have seen before, which does help when you have more vehicles at your disposal, just try patrolling the Bandar Desert on foot, it would be your worst nightmare in such a harsh environment. There would have been times when you would have been left at a base because you would not want to walk around like a lone wolf, so having a few new vehicle types is a great shot in the arm for BF3.

We’re told that having Close-Quarters and Armored Kill is a great mix for players who like either small maps where things can get a bit heavy or a large map for those gamers who like to be a little more tactical (see screenshots here). The Armored Kill DLC for BF3 will be released in September and will cost $15 for those with an Xbox, PS3 or PC, again those with a PlayStation 3 will enjoy access to this new content a week before Xbox Live and Origin.

Armored Kill is all about the vehicles and the sheer scale of the maps and it’s nice to see that this DLC helps to make this shooter stand out against rival shooters, it’s good that the developers are playing to the strengths of the game – just hope that BF3 is not forgotten about come September when there will be new shooters coming out near that time?

EA are not going to give up without a fight though because there are another two new DLCs to add to the list, Aftermath in December and End Game in March 2013, with the latter finally bringing motorcycles to Battlefield. Will BF3 still be able to hold its own against new shooters coming to the gaming community?

  • CODH8R

    already enjoying close quarters, bring it on! job well done DICE

  • Nickpl8


  • Nickpl8

    i think the map and vehicles is too much money

    • Boomer

      Agreed, the game is going to end up being over $100 when all the expansions come out. I miss the days when they would release the DLC for free

      • matonking

         The games are also costing more to make, distribute and market. Although the price is still shameful. I blame COD for initiating the £11 mark for 4 maps.

  • Danny

    Waste of money instead of making a whole new game they want us to pay money on a game we already bought then pay for a whole new game next year presumably. greed that is what it is.

    • James

      So what about CoD and other games?

    • Taz

      Danny This is not bad at all…

      Check out games like Shogun 2. The DLC from that game is unbelievable. I will never buy another Total War game ever.

      With BF3 at least they tell you ok these are the expansions and these are the release dates +/- AND THATS IT. Which is why I paid already and cant wait for the rest to come.

  • Ardon_garcia

    Ofcourse its gonna hold its groud againts new shooters.. because they will be pretty much the same… a new COD, wich will be its major competitor, will be just like all other cos… and MOH is pretty much dead.. what other FPS could pose a threat? Yes.. BF4

  • Austin Powers

    I love vehicles, that’s the essence of Battlefield.  But I have my concerns with Huge maps.  I’m afraid there will be either, not enough vehicles, or they will just all be clumped at the main base and that’s it.  I hope there are a plethora of vehicles at every flag, something the current  vanilla maps are Seriously lacking.

  • Anonymous

    How will this work on consoles? 24 players is way too small for such a massive map. Hopefully they can upgrade it 32 like how Frontlines went from 32 to 50.

  • Greed

    Genius, take the already difficult times of finding players on Gulf of Oman with 24 players, then make an even bigger map so it’ll be even harder. Btw, thanks for releasing premium after releasing your first DLC, idiots. Activision may be bad, but you guys have set the new standard for greedy corporations, behind Microsoft that is.

    • Michael Elwess

      This a PC game that was ported to console hence the 24 player cap on your game. Gulf of Oman is a target rich environment on a 64 player server. My suggestion is to not buy the DLC for console your start gaming on the PC. 

  • Leo Liu

    They should increase the number of jets we can have in a map and different kinds as well. The only thing that BF truly stands out from other shooters is those air combats. Having multiple types of jets (Bomber, Fighters, Stealth Fighters) would really benefit the game and its game play. People can actually fly in squadrons and fly bomb missions to finish off enemy ground threats after one side has achieve air dominations. Essentially that is what battles are about.

  • Givemeanameplease

    I bought premium and don’t regret it. Of course there will be tons of vehicles plus there will be lots of contention for the AC-130 flag. People need to stop being cheapskate crybabies. For as much entertainment it’s a smoking deal. Don’t think it’s worth it then don’t buy it.