GTA 5 conjured up from meeting room

We have no doubt that there are gamers and reporters walking around E3 2012 looking for any sign of Grand Theft Auto 5, and what would these people think when they see a Rockstar logo inside a meeting room? It wouldn’t necessarily mean GTA 5 will be at E3, but that hasn’t stopped some gamers hoping this is a sign of things to come.

An image can tell a million stories – you can see an image below that is thanks to this article, you might need Google translate if you wish to read, and while it does show a Rockstar logo this left some people hoping the GTA 5 trailer 2 would be revealed yesterday, sadly this didn’t happen.

The reality is this is probably a meeting room for either all of Take-Two’s companies, which sounds about right considering just before the T2 logo there is half of a 2k logo, or it could be a place for interviews that people go to with every developer. There are a number of developer logos there and it could be 2K Sports as we know they’re at E3 this year.

While we been keeping up with most GTA 5 rumors, hints towards a release date, and the hope we’ll see gameplay featured in the next official video, it seems there will always be some rumors conjured up that make us want real news more than ever. At least this keeps us entertained and on the edge of our seat waiting to see if this clue is the one that leads to the next trailer.

The bottom-line: Rockstar need to stop playing around and deliver a massive collection of screenshots, or at least the Grand Theft Auto V trailer 2. Do you think it’s time for a nice GTA 5 treat?

  • Jimmy

    Rockstar needs to understand that if they don’t release some form of information SOON, there will be millions of more GTA fans that will be let down. A second trailer is exactly what everybody needs. More Max Payne 3 online gaming sessions with the community? Probably not.

  • Lmao

    sim city 5 released an “announcement” trailer… and less than a month at e3 released a “official” trailer so i think its time… why wait a year after annnouncement trailer to show a game… atleast tell the fans why its taken so long. im gonna replay gta 1 and gta 2 tonight.

    all i have to say is i hope they bring back kill frenzy and 8 ball!!!!! dont turn into call of duty block ops 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Phaedra90731

    its long overdue, weve been tortured and 7 months is long enough

  • David199619

    I can’t wait for GTA5!!!!!

  • Rynovv

    Yes its been 7 months now, can’t wait for GTA V. We need a 2nd trailer!!

  • Edwstewart1992

    I’ve been quite defensive of Rockstar, saying that November was the perfect time to show the GTAV trailer and that they can take as long as they want.

    However, even I am starting to get a bit annoyed. Max Payne 3 has been out now for nearly 3 weeks – it’s finally been released on its last Platform. Still, no word on GTAV, especially when they said nearly 3 months ago that GTAV info would be released in ‘few months time’.

    I’ll give it just over 3 weeks (maybe July 2nd?) until they release information and a trailer. If that does not happen I will be disappointed.

  • Neil

    I’ve been keeping up with Grand Theft Auto V news on Google (set as my home page), and while I’m trying to keep my patience, it has becoming more difficult with all these other games releasing trailers, info, etc. I can’t describe how excited I was and still am when I watched the GTA V trailer back in November, and it’s disappointing to not even hear anything from Rockstar. I’ve been a fan of the GTA series since GTA3 (age 10 when it was released), and I take pride in being a huge fan of not only the GTA series, but most, if not all of Rockstar Games’ titles. Rumor, after rumor, after rumor, I’ve been waiting for months now.

    On Rockstar’s facebook page, it’s apparent that a lot of people want something, even something small. While some of the fans commenting claim to be “patient” and tell the others to shut up or else it’ll be delayed more, I honestly don’t blame the people complaining. If you’re going to release a trailer that early with nothing for more than 7 months, why release it that early?

    I understand, Max Payne 3 came out, and they want as much success from that as they can get. But it’ll be much better for both sides if Rockstar gave us a small peak at what GTA V has to offer, then more people will calm down, and quite possibly purchase Max Payne 3 to try out the Crew system in multiplayer.

    If a video game developer and publisher claims their next game will be “the largest and the most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created”, of course people will get excited, even after the great reception from GTA San Andreas and GTA IV.

    It’s really time for some form of contact. Even if I will continue to be a fan of Rockstar, I have to say it’s better to keep fans than losing them.

    • bcgfhjru

      I totally agree with you. I think it was really selfish of them to release the trailer so early. They should only release a trailer for a game when they’re actually ready to talk about the game.

  • Liamluckham

    funking right

  • The dog

    I think Rockstar are a bunch of ball bag sucking wank stains.! As they know it’s going to be “the biggest release” sold so far, yet there still being selfish idiots not releasing any info of the game itself for all the fans, so in the long run Rockstar get your head from out your arse and release trailer NOW..!! Before you do start loosing fans/customers..!!!!!

  • Lo

    If a trailer is too much to ask for, can we at least get a few screen shots? PLEASE?

  • A2zhassan

    damn right  this is a bitt gay not releasing trailer news and all that

  • Moejoe

    rockstar need to buck up and buck up fast, for years gta has been 1 of if not the best sellers so why all this hype. They know they could release it 2morro and still over take any other game in sales, i for 1 am a huge gta fan but sadly im getting sick of waiting. I still play gta iv to this day but im getting a tad bit bored of it now, thers a few good games coming out this year so if rockstar dont hurry up i wont hurry up neither, what i mean by this is when gta v does come out i wont be rushing to buy it as my patients has ran thin, instead i will wait till it goes cheap as i know it will be a long time till another proper gta release so whats the HURRY, the faster u get it the quicker u clock it, the quicker u clock it the faster u want a new release then BANG we back to where we are now haha

  • Stacy Rhect

    I’m so pissed off about R*’s flakiness on GTA V I could cry. They need to release more details, as the first trailer left much to be desired.

  • Donilliz

    rockstar dont even kno if dey ready 2 release cause they might wit till the xbox 720 to come out then release cause to gta 5 game disc hold so many mb or gb that it could take your hold xbox 360 hard drive


    stop torturing us rockstar, getting are hopes up 7 months a go, its too much i cant handle anymore waiting for news FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

    • Courtney Runnels

       Rockstar is wasting our time.

  • Moejoe

    Come on rockstar sort it out, im a massive gta fan ever since the very 1st  ever game, even more so since gta3. And i like many others are on the internet every day craving new info. Sadly tho all we have to go on is a nice looking trailer tho sadly may i add didnt give much away, and thousands of rumors wich if u have been following gta for as long as i have get overlooked straight away as i dont believe nothing untill it comes from rockstar themself, as iv said before tho they need to hurry up or risk loosing allot of money due to people getting other games and not being able to afford it, or simply people disgusted about lack of info that like me wont buy it straight away as they know it will be a while before another gta is released and and there is no hurry. 

  • Troy

    I’m beginning to suspect that Rockstar are trolling their fans. And they’re sitting back, chuckling to themselves as they watch all the speculation and rumour.

  • Nick

    I believe it has been time. I’m as angry as any other fans. They need to do something, but maybe they don’t have enough yet. You can’t rush perfection.

  • Prophetless

    Rockstar needs to come out with something soon. They said new info was coming in February and all we got was “we’ll release something after Max Payne 3 comes out”. Well, Max Payne 3 has been out nearly a month and nothing yet. E3 just passed and still nothing. I would like info so I can plan out my Summer and Fall. What to get, what not to get. That kind of planning. Max Payne 3 didn’t even sell well so, I don’t know why Rockstar is holding out on GTA 5. They also need to address if there is going to be an HD Collection of GTA 3 and Vice City. Or GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas.

    • birday

      I absolutely agrre with you

    • xfatalxzero

      I hate HD collections. They need to do a remastered version of each game. Exactly how they are because the older games aren’t that big so it shouldn’t take so long except add certain details.

      • Prophetless

        Sounds like you contradicted yourself there. You just said you hate HD collections but Rockstar needs to remaster each game. That’s what game developers do with the great PS2/Original Xbox games. Or at least try to do with the gameplay. They remaster and enhance them for the HD televisions as a collection for a set period of time before being discontinued in disc format.

  • Super_Ted

    I was realy excited for GTAV,i went from checking Google news everyday from November 2011 to March 2012, now this is the first time ive checked GTAV news since March,no new news made me loose intrest in the game. Last November i got so excited i played my GTA games like mad (played Sanandreas from start to finish twice then GTAIV plus extra episodes from start to finish,took me almost 4 months),now im all GTA’d out and not overly botherd by GTAV!  Now im excited about other AAA titles that are coming out this fall, theres so many im going to spend my hard earned cash on instead. =D

  • #Lost_Intrest

    I’ve lost most intrest in the game realy, it’s taken far too long!

  • Peterfellows

    I’m with ‘Super_Ted’, I got so excited when they revealed Grand Theft Auto V last year that i’ve spent most of the year playing through all the Grand Theft Auto’s… im pretty bored and looking forward to other big titles coming out the end of this year instead.

  • Callum

    Ive gotten so fed up with waiting for news from Rockstar that ive officialy stopped caring about GTAV (as of right now). I said id wait to see if anything else was revealed by E3 then if it wasnt id spend my money on other games that are coming out instead. So much to choose from this year, Black Ops 2, Medal Of Honour, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Forza Horizon, Assasins Creed 3, Hitman Absolution, Halo 4, Resident Evil 6, Far Cry 3. I will buy some of these games and get the others for my birthday in October and Christmas. They will keep me busy through all 2013.

    Screw Rockstar!

  • mystic_ninja

    If GTA doesn’t release in 2012 i deffo won’t be buying it in 2013 because in 2013 i will be starting to save up to buy an Xbox 720 or PS4 which will inevitably be expensive. I’ll get Black Ops 2 an Medal of Honour from father Christmas and play them through till next gen consoles arrive.

  • Jesse Nicholson

    Look at the good side, gta 5 has more information on it than half-life 3

  • Maaz Inam

    Man…when are they gonna release the damn GTA V trailer 2????  It’s been months and they said it would be two months since March, which was May for release of trailer 2.  What are they doing????  Come-On Rockstar, release the trailer now.

  • Kamyar Shahmoradi

    its only a matter of time till some gta fan goes crazy enough and runs up in their offices and starts spraying

  • xfatalxzero

    About Rockstar releasing a trailer 7 months early, everyone is freaking out. I want it to come out to hoping everyday they will have news on it rather than rumor. The more they spend on the game the more it’ll be tuned just right. LA Noire was a new title but I bet people didn’t know the first trailer was released 4 or 5 years before the game came out. As well as their game Agent. Yeah new titles means we can wait, but it’s Rockstar they always have something good.

  • Aloan Moreira

    Well, I don’t know what else to say, but will Rockstar jump GTAV to next gen, and revamp the game even more? because it is around the corner, and if they release it this Gen, then it will be another several years until they can make the next GTA…

    • Guest


  • Guest

    “Rockstar need to stop playing around and deliver a massive collection of
    screenshots, or at least the Grand Theft Auto V trailer 2”  Really?  Or what?

    • Courtney Runnels

       You got that right. I’m losing my patience.

  • Saim_52


    • Guest

       This is, surprisingly, the most intelligent thing I have seen on this page.

  • How?

    No longer interested in GTA V. It’s been too long without info.

    • trickstyle48

      That’s quite a stupid reason to give up interest, everyone is salivating for new info and this is R*s best way to keep everyone keen. I should know, it’s working on me…

    • Courtney Runnels2

       I agree with you man! Rockstar is wasting my freaking time. I’m sticking with the GTA 3 era games from now on. They might as well cancel GTA V because it’s been 7 months without any new info.

  • Joe Monco

    Game is vaporware. Welcome to the new Duke Nukem Forever.