Halo 4 success is a complex plan

It seems that Halo 4 will be taking on a TV season structure with free daily mission episodes and this ambitious attempt to establish the franchise for future success is a complex plan. Halo 4 launches for the Xbox 360 on November 6th, 2012 and this version will be surrounded with more expectation than ever before as 343 Studios needs to prove that it is worthy of the Halo tag.

Keeping in line with the traditional fan base this game requires new innovation, and it has 230 staff working on the game plenty of investment regarding human resources, talent and finance and Halo 4 still has 6 months before its release. News of this upcoming installment to the Halo series is documented on the Guardian Games Blog highlighting the TV season structure, and in this they report on development director, Frank O’Connor’s comments on finding the series’ strengths and differentiators and then calculating what can be added.

He explained that their ambitions to lay decent foundations for the next ten years has to have a balance between being bold and staying true to the background of the franchise’s identity. The story starts as a single player campaign and then continues into the multiplayer structured like a TV series, and over the first few months of its launch, “Season One” of daily downloadable co-op missions will be released. Five co-op missions will be available each week continuing the story of the main game, giving access to up to four players to join.

Season One will be free to everyone who buys the game, which is good news for those regarding this as a money making scheme and the single season will run for months, not weeks according to O’Connor. Whether this will be a success remains to be seen, and those who just want to enjoy the single player campaign may have many questions concerning this causing a big risk for seasoned fans of the franchise.

To get an insight into the multiplayer aspect Gamerant report on a hands-on opportunity they experienced at this year’s E3 and their impression is that any concerns about 343 Industries taking over the franchise can now be put to rest. Regarding the multiplayer as better than ever, the single-player campaign looks pretty impressive as well.

At the beginning of the week, we informed our readers that we have a Halo 4 trailer along with some screenshots from Microsoft’s E3 2012 press conference. Do you think that the success of Halo 4 is a complex plan?

  • Tyson Brown

    They aren’t staying true to the identity… Armour abilities, sprint, and loadouts. Seriously?

    • Millertime343

      Armour abilities was Bungies fault. Sprint should have been in Halo 1. It’s in the books that Spartans are fast.  Load outs I’m a little concerned with but yeah. The game will be the biggest thing in a long time

  • Daduckinator

    This games gonna be awesome!

  • Jlegrandjr

    i heard that sprint isnt gonna be a loadout but be built in nomatter what