Download Skyrim patch 1.6 live, not PS3 and PC

The download for Skyrim patch 1.6 is finally live for Xbox users and those with a PS3 and PC still have to play the waiting game for now – we just don’t know how long. While the patch resolves a number of bug issues the biggest draw for this update is the Mounted Combat, which fans have been waiting for since The Elder Scrolls V was released.

With Mounted Combat (a great addition for free) players will now be able to take out their foe on horseback with melee attacks or ranged combat, and while this is only something small it adds a whole different dynamic to the game. How useless was it to have to jump off your horse in order to do some fighting, as well as the fact having to get off your steed some distance back in order for the animal not to get hurt.

For some gamers they much prefer patch 1.6 because of those various fixes, as they have still been dogged by issues. Looking at the latest Skyrim patch notes it’s clear to see that this will become a more stable game, but we’re still hearing of a number of issues after downloading this update.

We have had a few emails from some of our readers saying that after downloading patch 1.6 for Skyrim they were unable to load any of their saved games. After uninstalling and then reinstalling they have still suffered from the same issue. There’s also another issue, if you pick up an item it just hangs upside down, which stops you from placing it anywhere. From what we can make out these are just isolated issues, but what other problems have you experienced since updating to patch 1.6?

  • The Future of Sega

    They just need to remake the whole damn game again and fix internal/external issues from there. These bugs are getting out of hand…it’s pathetic.

    • Samcampion

      i agree on my first day of having it it froze on me! :/

  • Nixxor

    My game has crashed twice since the update in the last hour. It only used to happen rarely, now I’m just running around skyrim and it just randomly crashes :(

  • DavConn1

    Still plagued by continual bouts of joy laced with gratitude for a game so huge it seems to have already come with DLC.

  • The Dr

    issuses with latest skyrim update……….If I ask some one for work that have asked before…..they give me the first job they ever asked and of cause along with that is the fact
    that anywhere that has been searched before, is now full of the original enemies that would
    have been there in the first place……you get my drit……very annoying.  Especially since I just completed the ‘Red Eagle’ part of the story line,……..just happened to pick up the ‘Red Eagle Story’ book, and guess what,….now it wants me to find the sword I already have……….DAMN,…..I hope that crap gets sorted, cause I aint putting in the 100 plus hours I’ve already done. Cheers.

    • Mfreeman717

      i had that issue before the patch.

  • grow up kids

    all of you guys need to grow up and wait for it to be fixed…. they released this patch for you so be patient and wait for it to be fixed

    • Sage


      • Rawdawg80

        seriously….the whole point of releasing a patch is for the feedback. developers needs to know about these issues not just to improve gameplay on Skyrim but for the expansion as well. That is actually the real reason for these updates.

  • Daz1232009

    I’ve found that using a bow seems different. You have to aim higher to hit your target and there is a delay, (occasionally large one) before it hits the target…

    • No

      Isn’t that how arrows work?

  • Yosemite65

    I had to remove the patch because it crashed on me twice in half an hour

    • JarethSolis

      Where was it

  • Gonzales817b

    when starting a new game with the patch the sliders all stayed to one side or the other, and i couldnt activate those animal pillars to open gates in the caves and stuff.

  • GokuNessMagusLink

    I’m so sick of waiting for everything, It really sucks owning this game for PS3. Its the buggiest one and nobody cares about it. no kinect support, no mods, have to wait forever for dlc, but lots of lag… great.

  • skyrimjesus

    I don’t know why everyone is complaining about the game being bugged.  I have well over 7 characters all different classes and guilds and done more quests than i can count, i have glitched the game so that one of my lvl 81’s has Health damage and fatigue are in Scientific notation, i have literally made my character a god, i have fucked this game in every possible fashion, and i have never crashed, or had any real bad bugs. And i Play it on PS3, and it runs smother, faster, clearer, and all around better than the xbox players i see.

    • Ivan P. Friely

      But will it blend?

  • Tobyl

    I’ve got the update on PC, and ever since i updated it, skyrim has been acting very weirdly for example, crashing all the time, weird lighting glitches, bugs in quests and so on. Any advice? 

  • Alec C M

    when on P3S